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Assistant Chief Constable John Mauger


JOHN Mauger was cleared of misconduct after a three-year probe but has been suspended amid new allegations he stole football cards and batteries from a Tesco.
A TOP cop has been suspended after he was detained on suspicion of shoplifting and giving police a false name and address. Assistant chief constable John Mauger was arrested after security guards in a Tesco store accused him of attempting to steal batteries and football cards. The 54-year-old is on gardening leave from Police Scotland following a legal battle with bosses.
Mauger was taken to a police station in Colchester, Essex, following the alleged incident last month and interviewed by officers. It’s understood he was confronted by a security guard, who claimed he found the items in his pocket. The Scottish Police Authority suspended Mauger when they were informed of the allegations.
The Record broke the news of Mauger’s misconduct in 2010
Mauger lost a legal challenge over his security status earlier this year, which he was stripped of after he borrowed £250,000 three years ago from convicted criminal Brian Rix. The Court of Session was told Mauger tried to “minimise” the extent of their relationship and claimed the money was for home improvements.
He was cleared of misconduct in May 2014 and returned to work at the Scottish Police College in Tulliallan, Fife, after more than three years on paid leave.
Mauger lost a civil action against the police over the downgrading of his security status but has appealed the ruling and will learn the outcome next month.
A spokesperson for the SPA said: “We have taken the decision to place a senior officer on suspension.” Found hereDailyRecord

<b><i>John Mauger is charged with shopliftingJohn Mauger is charged with shoplifting
A suspended assistant chief constable has been charged with shoplifting after he allegedly stole batteries and football stickers from a local supermarket.
John Mauger, 54, was caught by security staff in Tesco Highwoods on March 15 having failed to pay for a number of items.
Details of the investigation were passed to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), following which he was immediately suspended from Police Scotland.
Mr Mauger was charged on Friday, April 22, and will appear before Colchester Magistrates’ Court next month.
Mr Mauger previously served with both the Metropolitan Police Service and Essex Police, where he worked as a superintendent.
He lost a legal challenge over his security status in January, which he was stripped of after borrowing £250,000 from convicted criminal Brian Rix in 2013.
He was cleared of misconduct and returned to work in May 2014 after spending more than three years on paid leave due to allegations of insubordination and inefficiency.
He later claimed he had not known of Rix’s criminal record at the time, which involved firearms offences, fraud and assault.
Mr Mauger has appealed against the court’s decision to restrict his access to confidential documents, and the outcome is due to be revealed early next month.
An SPA spokesperson said: “Following the receipt of information, the SPA has taken the decision to place a senior Police Scotland officer on suspension.
“It would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

  1. Assistant chief constable suspended after Tesco store 22/04/16