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Monday, 10 February 2014


Supporters of Hollie have contacted me today to express their outrage of Elish Angiolini being the guest of Kirsty Young on Radio 4`s Desert Island Discs yesterday. What is worse, Angiolini was uncritically portrayed as a noble champion of rape victims.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Radio 4 is repeating the programme on Friday morning at nine o`clock.

One can only assume that the BBC has carried out no meaningful research into this individual. If they had, even putting Hollie`s case to one side, it would have soon discovered that Angiolini has been severely criticised by the most senior members of the legal profession on a wide range of highly contentious issues. The BBC must have even overlooked its own televised broadcast on 7th July 2011, with the eminent Ian Hamilton QC. Around two minutes into the programme, Mr Hamilton describes Scotland`s human rights record as appalling, identifying primarily Angiolini as being responsible for this shocking state of affairs.

I have lodged a complaint with Sue Noakes at Radio 4, who`s number is 08455 191471.

No doubt, Jimmy Savile would have received a similarly sympathetic coverage from the BBC had he still been alive.

Meanwhile, Angiolini is to face cross-examination at Tim Rustige`s trial commencing 24th February in Aberdeen. Alex Salmond`s involvement in Hollie`s case by twice breaking the law in defiance of the Information Commissioner`s queries about the case will be brought up during the proceedings.

Rusty has, like me, been denied the jury trial he should have had, so that the identify of the presiding sheriff will be crucial, in the unlikely event of Rusty actually receiving a fair trial, As you know, in my trial, Edward Bowen concealed his ten-year relationship with cited defence witness Angiolini for the entire duration of the trial. Also, any sheriff who`s post has been recommended by Alex Salmond must be subject to a potential concern over conflict of interest, especially as the First Minister and
Angiolini share the same lawyer. It is also worth mentioning that the identity of the mysterious sheriff who was "taken ill" at the last minute before the initial trial date of 4th November has never been revealed - that is, if he ever existed at all.

It is truly bizarre that Rusty, who`s organisation Prisoners of Conscience International, has gallantly fought for human rights against the Marcos  regime in the Philipines, to secure the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma and for Nelson Mandela against the apartheid regime in South Africa, should now face persecution in Britain, by the similarly corrupt Salmond regime, purely on the say-so of the person most responsible for Scottish human rights abuses - Elish Angiolini!

Please stand by Rusty in any way that you can, as you bravely did for me and for Hollie.

Friday, 7 February 2014


It is worth looking at recent editions of Diary of Injustice, the Scottish Law Reporter, the Scottish Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Herald in reporting the extraordinarily evasive conduct of the Lord President, Lord Gill.

A formal petition, brought about by Peter Cherbi, has been accepted by the Scottish Parliament with a special committee set up and having the full support of the Judicial Complaints Reviewer, Ms Moi Ali.

One of the main  purposes of the petition was merely to ensure that members of the Scottish judiciary should have a duty to publicly disclose information about their interests that may be perceived to have a bearing on their impartiality when adjudicating cases.

The Lord President has reacted in a most unusual way, by not only flatly dismissing the proposals, but also even refusing to face questions from a properly constituted committee made up of representatives elected by the people of Scotland.

The Lord President`s position seems to be that he regards all his judicial colleagues to possess such a high level of integrity that it is entirely unwelcome and unnecessary to hold them to public account in any way. In my experience alone, I can assure him that Sheriff Patrick Davies, Lord Bannatyne and most certainly Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen fall well below the standards to which the Lord President refers. And does the Lord President think it appropriate that six of the colleagues he is trying to protect are members of the Violate Club?

You will probably be aware that Bill Roache, the Coronation Street actor, has been found not guilty of the serious sexual criminal charges laid against him. It is difficult to comment when not being involved in the proceedings, but it does appear that justice has finally been done and has seen to have been done. However, can anyone explain why Mr Roache was questioned, arrested, charged and brought before the court on the simple basis of verbal allegations from thirty or so years ago when Denis and Greg Mackie, with overwhelming impartial expert witness evidence against them, including that from the police and fully accepted by the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority, are never even questioned by the police?

Finally, you may recall that I have lodged a formal complaint to Cheshire Police about Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen`s racially discriminatory outburst at my trial after I had challenged him over the concealing of his ten-year relationship with cited defence witness Elish Angiolini from the court and from the defence. Even worse, Bowen, with others, is responsible for subsequently conspiring falsify solemn court audio evidence in order to delete the discriminatory remark. There is absolutely no question that Bowen has committed a criminal offence.

Despite the fact that the inaccurate transcript taken from the audio was produced by a Gloucestershire firm, Cheshire Police has decided that the matter must be dealt with by Police Scotland. Many of you who were present and heard Bowen`s comments that  have now been omitted from the records have kindly offered to send me statements to confirm what they heard Bowen say. I would be most grateful if those of you who made the offer would be so good as to send me their brief witness statements. It is not required to comment on any other aspect of the case nor to offer an opinion. Just what you heard is enough and is all that is desired.

Some of you already have my home address, but if not, you can contact me on:-

Thank you in advance for your courage and integrity.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The last post has raised a great deal of interest and understandably so.

Here are further details of the status of some members of this exclusive and illustrious club, that also provides life-size dolls of children for the "entertainment" of these people.

It makes you sick, doesn`t it?

Four Sheriffs and partners

Two ex-partners of Sheriffs

Two High Court judges and partners

Two Procurator Fiscals and partners

Six ex -partners of Procurator Fiscals

Sixteen court staff

Thirty-seven  staff from Scottish government

Seventeen primary school teachers.

The Scottish government does not seem shocked by this and even appeared to have been fairly relaxed a few years ago about the existence of this club, as you can see:-

Is it any wonder that Tim Rustige and I have been dragged before Scottish courts and imprisoned for trying to expose this endemic national corruption over child sex abuse?

Does it surprise anyone that in contrast, these three highly influential sex offenders have walked free?

Liam Gibson, of Gibson Marine, convicted but not imprisoned for possessing over 50,000 child pornographic images, just around the time I was jailed for trying to expose perverts like him.

Douglas Haggarty, technical head of the Scottish Legal Aid Board, who was found committing a sexual act with a boy in the toilets of a large Glasgow store. Of course, not only was Haggarty not sent to prison, but kept his highly -paid public post of trust and responsibility!

Stuart MacFarlane, a former  deputy of Elish Angiolini, who was arrested when having sex with a female prostitute in a public place, put the two arresting police officers in hospital when he attacked them and was subsequently discovered to possess some 15,000 child pornographic images.

In a disgusting culture like this, is it also a puzzle to anyone why First Minister Alex Salmond has twice breached the law in defying the Information Commissioner over questions about his conduct in Hollie`s case?

I am not proud to say that serious problems of high level corruption also occur in Wales, with leader Carwyn Jones implicated in the shocking and moving Linda Lewis case. Terrible things have happened to this poor girl, but at least her champion, Kevin Edwards, finally obtained the courageous support necessary to blow the case open, from Assembly Member, David Rees, who deserves the support of every decent- minded person.

So far, in Scotland, every elected politician and almost every editor, with a few honourable exceptions, is too frightened of retribution from Alex Salmond`s solicitor, Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae, to dare to speak about or publish the facts about Hollie Greig`s case nor even tell the Scottish people about their leader`s legal

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Ten months have passed and Scotland`s Chief Constable still appears to be grappling with the complex question of whether or not those accused of rape should even be questioned by the Scottish police. The Chief Constable`s position is not helped, of course, by his political boss, Alex Salmond`s breaking of the law in defying the Information Commissioner in his quest to establish the facts about Salmond`s involvement in the Hollie Greig abuse case.

It may well be  that Scotland`s lamentable record of having the lowest conviction rate for rape in Europe results from the attitudes of the country`s leading figures. A symptom of their utter contempt for the plight of rape victims may lie in the existence of organisations such as the Violate Club, which is present in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The membership of this club is heavily represented by members of the judiciary, senior police officers, lawyers, politicians and court officials. Its activities are every bit as repulsive as its name suggests. Amongst other things, members are treated to displays of simulated rape and sexual acts between humans and animals.

The identities of some of its members, I understand, would be of considerable interest to those who have been following Hollie`s case and indeed to the people of Scotland in general. Some have even been unwise enough to pay for the club`s facilities by credit card.

Monday, 27 January 2014


Following my last post, relating to the ludicrous letter from Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson and my response, to which I am still awaiting an answer, the Scottish Police Authority has written to me to inform me that it is continuing its investigation into Chief Constable Sir Stephen House on the basis, that I quote  - "the Chief Constable persistently refuses to answer what he regards as the minimum action required to be undertaken by officers under his command which would satisfy him that a thorough investigation into rape allegations had taken place".

Just why do Police Scotland and the First Minister persist in protecting, amongst others, Denis Charles Mackie?

BBC TV Scotland broadcast a programme on 15th January, entitled "Lawyers behaving Badly", which involved a contribution from that loyal Scot and dedicated supporter of Hollie Greig, Stuart Usher. Interesting articles from the Diary of Injustice dated 21st, 23rd and 27th January are well worth watching, too. With regard to comments about the BBC film, you will see a mention of a respected businessman and family man from Oban  committing suicide after being wrongly advised to deal with a Glasgow law firm that acts for Alex Salmond. I understand that law firm to be Levy & McRae, who are also representing both Elish Angiolini in her case against me and yes, Police Scotland.

No wonder so many Scots, including editors, are terrified of Levy & McRae`s senior partner, Peter Watson.

As you will be aware, Tim Rustige (Rusty) faces trial in Aberdeen on 24th February , following fatuous complaints by the ubiquitous Angiolini. This weekend, the site "Rusty`s Skewed News" was temporarily taken down by Google as a result of a complaint by the Scottish government. When Google were pressed for more details they revealed that the complaint had been made by - Levy & McRae.

Meanwhile, rumours abound about possible laundering of large amounts of undeclared income by some solicitors in Scotland on behalf of wealthy and influential individuals, some of whom are thought to be certain members of the judiciary. The destinations largely thought to feature are the British Virgin Islands, Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

My complaint about the conduct of Lord Bannatyne`s perverse decision in favour of Angiolini, dismissing my equitable right a proper defence, along with concealment of likely sources of conflict of interest, has been taken up by the European Convention on Human Rights, who have provided me with an official file number and invited me to furnish full details of the case. I have also formally complained about Bannatyne`s conduct to the Judicial Office in Scotland and am awaiting a response.

A hearing about my case is to be heard on Wednesday 29th January and I have requested that in the circumstances, Lord Bannatyne should recuse himself while complaints about his conduct are being examined. Moreover, as the Scottish state has forced me to have to try to defend myself, I demand full details of any replacement for Lord Bannatyne, as I require an assurance that no grounds exist for cause for concern over conflict of interest. I am unable to be present in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Returning to the Diary of Injustice`s 27 January publication, it seems that the Lord President may have misled, about his own responsibilities, the MSPs enquiring about the lack of judicial accountability. It has been discovered that the Lord President sits on a Board, along with Lord Bannatyne!

P.S. If you wish to see the BBC Scotland programme that provides some indication of the fundamental weakness of the justice system with regard to corrupt lawyers, the links are here.


Friday, 24 January 2014


I received a letter from a Scottish police officer called Neil Richardson last week.

In it he repeated the ridiculous mantra that a "thorough investigation" into Hollie`s allegations had taken place. Officer Richardson had clearly not bothered to check the facts before putting his name to such nonsense. Police evidence given on oath at my trial confirmed that not one of the 22 named alleged abusers of Hollie, whom the police have already described unequivocally as a victim, had ever been questioned, or had their computers examined, following Hollie`s statement to the police on 8th September 2009, which I witnessed. Additionally, the letter failed to address the fact that Grampian Police had withheld two crucial medical documents supporting Hollie from the Prosecutor.

The police officer who made this staggering confession in court was the one who had interviewed Hollie , DC Lisa Jane Evans. Of course, Hollie`s claims had been fully supported by a wide range of expert witness statements that are in the public domain. At the police interview, Hollie conducted herself throughout three and a half hours with astonishing courage and composure and despite her speech impediment and her recounting of horrifying ordeals, made her statements with impressive clarity and detail.

DC Evans` admission was supported by nine of those accused by Hollie, who was accepted as a truthful and competent witness, whom the prosecution had chosen to testify against me. All nine confirmed that the police had never interviewed them over Hollie`s strongly and professionally supported allegations made to DC Evans.

Significantly,the complainants against me did not include Denis and Greg Mackie, the two individuals against whom the expert evidence was overwhelmingly strong.

The nine who gave evidence in open court, with no reporting restrictions, are as follows.

Sheriff Graham Buchanan - described by Hollie to DC Evans as "a big lawyer".

Sylvia Major - cousin of Denis Mackie, who is now scheduled to testify against Timothy Rustige at the trial on 24th February in Aberdeen, accompanied by Elish Angiolini.

Ann Royal

Ian Macdonald

Carol Low - her name was mispronounced as "Kyle" by Hollie

Jillian Mackie - Denis Mackie`s sister-in-law. At that time, she had recently been a key witness as a friend of convicted murderer Malcolm Webster at his trial.

Andrew Young - former head teacher at Beechwood Special School, where Hollie was a pupil. Mr Young blatantly perjured himself at the trial when questioned by defence QC Andy Lamb about medical reports on Hollie submitted by the school medical officer, Dr Paul Carter. Mr Young admitted to the court that he had resided at the home of Sylvia and Terry Major.

Helen Macdonald - Hollie`s former carer.

Win Dragon - also due to give evidence against Tim Rustige, along with Elish Angiolini.

Of course, none of this by itself can possibly confirm the guilt of those named. What we do know is that not one of them was even questioned by the police, let alone have their computers examined, the normal police procedure in such circumstances.

That is all.

Although this cannot be included as evidence, the police and authorities would do well to heed the words of one of Scotland`s most prominent lawyers, Peter Anderson of Simpson & Marwick, who represents both Sheriff Buchanan and Denis Mackie. Mr Anderson is adamant that Sheriff Buchanan is innocent of all allegations, but has written to me to say that he thinks Denis and Greg Mackie may well have sexually abused Hollie and that others may well have abused her too. It is good to find a lawyer in Scotland who can not only be loyal to his clients, but be brutally honest when appropriate, especially when a small disabled girl has been raped.

Returning to Officer Richardson, what was most extraordinary about the letter is that he holds the rank of Deputy Chief Constable. This means that in the absence of the Chief Constable, the women, children and disabled of Scotland will have to rely on him for their safety and protection from sexual attack.

Now, having vigorously responded to his letter in a way that you might expect, DCC Richardson can reply in two ways.

Either he can admit his mistake and accept that no adequate investigation of Hollie`s claims has ever taken place that could be remotely described as "thorough", or he can say that he does not think those accused of rape need to be questioned at all, even when the accuser`s claims are supported by extensive expert evidence.

Again, Police Scotland, just who are you really protecting?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Bill`s tireless investigations into the horrific sexual abuse of children by powerfully connected magic circle criminals, assisted towards the Sunday Express`s article of 12th January. In my view, Bill deserves the thanks of every parent and every decent person in this country for his courageous work and I personally appreciate his mentioning the Hollie Greig case in his radio interview of 13th January.

So many people, seeing the published expert witness evidence on Hollie`s case for the first time, ask me how it is possible for the police not to carry out the most basic of investigations and to even try to justify this inaction . They also ask why so few MPs or MSPs have the integrity to publicly comment or assist in this shocking case.

The last question is easy to answer in one word - blackmail!

It is exactly why none of our elected representatives actually stood up to expose Savile and Cyril Smith whilst these two monsters were alive.

Of course, there are the customary threats of compromising promotion prospects, etc, but it is mainly to do with our MPs and MSPs being warned about past indiscretions, rather than outright crimes, such as the occasion in Amsterdam several years ago, for example. What would happen if your wife and children were to hear about it?

This kind of low-level threat is normally sufficient to send our esteemed representatives scuttling for cover. The fundamental message from the powers-that-really-be is "Keep your mouth shut about exposing child sex abuse by powerful people if you know what`s good for you". It is the language of the gangster. It is the modus operandi of the thug.

Meanwhile, our children and the disabled continued to be trafficked, raped and tortured and possibly even worse, whilst a spineless and compliant government looks the other way. It is up to all of us to make this issue central to the 2015 General Election, Nothing, but nothing, can possibly be more important than ensuring the future safety of our children.

Whilst  governments in the United Kingdom continue to acquiesce in these terrible crimes, we have to rely on the bravery of people like Bill Maloney.

In Scotland, some so-called opponents of Alex Salmond worry about his acknowledged cunning political skills in respect of the coming independence referendum. This site has no comment to make on this issue, which I believe to be a matter for Scotland to decide. It is Alex Salmond as a person, rather than  his political views, that ought to be a matter of concern for the Scottish people.

All the media have to do is to merely republish these headlines from respected legal magazine The Firm in 2011.

Exclusive: Information Commissioner forces government response to Hollie Greig inquiries


First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations.

Then the people of Scotland would then be in a position to hold an informed opinion about the character and priorities of the current leader.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


It is clear from all expert evidence that Hollie Greig has been the victim of sexual abuse over a long period of time, from around the age of six. It is also apparent that the main and initial abuser is her father, Denis Mackie. We know that the police have not investigated Mackie. All this information has been in Alex Salmond`s possession for some years.

Why then does he continue to protect a man he must know has raped his little, disabled daughter?

Why was Mr Salmond even prepared to defy the Queen`s own appointed official and break the law on two occasions, rather than act, in order to protect Denis Mackie?

What possible hold can a man like Mackie have over the Scottish leader?

These are all absolutely valid questions. All evidence, including that from police experts, points to Mackie being culpable. His own solicitor, Peter Anderson, is honest enough to write that even he thinks Mackie is probably guilty. Of course, there is also no reason why all the other 21 individuals named by Hollie as abusers should not be questioned and have their computers examined. But the evidence against Denis Mackie in particular is overwhelming.

So why is he not being questioned by the police and having his computer seized - are the police and possibly Mr Salmond, afraid of what or who it might reveal?

It was interesting to see how prominently the British media have just featured the French president`s alleged affair with an actress - front page news!

I suppose that all this is mildly entertaining, but how can it possibly compare in newsworthiness to a British national leader caught breaking the law in order to try to cover up for a man who has serially raped his own disabled daughter?

The scandal of Alex Salmond`s involvement should be on the front page of every newspaper and on every news bulletin, north and south of the border.

So why isn`t it, many people have asked me?

Well, as mentioned in previous posts, The First Minister`s own personal solicitor, Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae, who also acts for Elish Angiolini, represents all the main Scottish broadcasters and news outlets and perhaps most alarming of all, controls the Scottish police. No wonder all the editors are terrified of him.

But then where are the English media, you may well ask?

Whilst they are perfectly happy to publish tittle-tattle about the French leader`s love life, they cringe at the prospect of re-publishing the scandal of the Scottish leader`s conduct. They cannot possibly face legal action. The ruling about Mr Salmond has been made by the Information Commissioner and The Firm`s publishing of the facts over two years ago went unchallenged.

Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Jersey, Hollie Greig - who or what can they all be frightened of?

Thursday, 9 January 2014

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In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed this post. If you wish, you can read more about the request at

Monday, 6 January 2014


I am pleased to tell you that Stuart Syvret has now been released. details and  interviews may be seen on seen on the Voiceforchildren and the Needle sites. Although it is excellent news that Stuart, a former Jersey Senator and Health Minister, is again a free man, it is important to be aware of his continued persecution by the island`s establishment. Jersey simply can`t afford to be recognised as a kind of perverted paradise for the Jimmy Saviles of this world, can it?

It is not only Stuart who has been targeted, of course, but also that fine police officer, Chief Constable Graham Power QPM, who has been ruthlessly attacked for his courage and integrity in exposing the rotten core of Jersey`s paedophile elite and its "distinguished" visitors like Savile.

This morning, in the Daily Mirror, yet another excellent police officer, DCI Clive Driscoll, has been "prematurely retired" and taken off the Stephen Lawrence case, to the disgust of Stephen`s mother, Baroness Lawrence. She described DCI Driscoll as the police officer she most trusted  in bringing some of her son`s racist killers to justice. So what could DCI Driscoll possibly have done wrong?

Well, 10 months ago he criticised the scrapping of the Lambeth children`s home sex probe after he had named  politicians as suspects.

Lambeth, Jersey,The Elm Guest House, Bryn Estyn, the Hollie Greig case - the UK`s elite child-rapists must remain, in the "public interest" of course, a protected species. It does not matter how many poor children suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of these monsters, "national security" demands that these vile but influential criminals remain at large.

Returning to Hollie`s case, Lord Bannatyne has now ruled, after a delay of over two months, that I have defamed Elish Angiolini by accusing her of covering up the case, despite my being completely denied any legal representation to defend her action in what is to me, in legal terms, a country as foreign as Bolivia or Burma. On the other hand, Angiolini was represented by Scotland`s most highly qualified QC , Roddy Dunlop. Not only that , but Mr Dunlop may well have been paid out of the public purse for this private action ( Mr Dunlop refuses to disclose whether such a misapproriation has taken place).

Lord Bannatyne has also acted in direct conflict with his two predecessors, Lords Glennie and Stewart, who had upheld my right to be provided with an adequate defence on equitable grounds. I have already formally registered my objection to Bannatyne`s decision in the strongest terms.

You will not be surprised to learn that I have no intention of being ordered what to do in my own country by a corrupt foreign regime with a notorious human rights record and a leader, Alex Salmond, who is too much of a coward to even stand up to protect the children and disabled of his own country from gang rape. The Information Commissioner has already ruled that Salmond has breached sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the FOI Act in his refusals to answer the Commissioner`s questions on the Hollie Greig abuse case.


Saturday, 4 January 2014


I have learned that Stuart Syvret, who has bravely fought to expose the shocking events at Haut De La Garenne children`s home, Jersey, has been jailed again. It hardly bears thinking about that Stuart  is imprisoned, whilst the perverted criminals whom he tried to expose, such as Jimmy Savile and his fellow magic circle monsters remained and those still alive remain at large to abuse and torture children at will. The very fact that Stuart Syvret is in prison again indicates that even after Savile, the British authorities are prepared to continue to protect high-level paedophiles at all costs.

What does that say about our country?

The interview by Brian Gerrish on the UK Column Live on 19th December can be viewed and I thank again those of you who have contacted me having seen the damning evidence shown, fully supporting Hollie`s claims  and condemning the authorities, including Alex Salmond, with his confirmed breaches of sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the FOI Act. It is a pity that Scotland`s so-called leader still remains a puppet of the vicious magic circle that really runs Scotland.

During the UK Column interview, Brian brought up the matter of Bill Maloney`s suggestion that whistleblowers who are involved in paedophile rings should be offered an amnesty if they are prepared to come forward. Given the way the ringleaders of such groups use threats and blackmail to terrorise those implicated as well as victims into remaining silent, I think that there is considerable merit in Bill`s idea. In Hollie Greig`s case, it may encourage at least one of the 29 named alleged perpetrators and victims, to come forward should protection be granted.

Of course, this all depends on whether the various governments of the United Kingdom actually want to stamp out the organised sexual abuse and trafficking of children and the disabled.

We shall see.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Throughout the years of the Hollie Greig campaign, there has been one common denominator in my dealings with the Scottish legal establishment. Everyone seems to be terrified of one man in particular - Peter Watson, senior partner of law firm Levy & McRae,

The firm`s own website boasts of many things, including keeping its clients off the front pages. It also states that it represents the biggest names in broadcasting and media in Scotland. Although it does not mention this, Professor Watson also personally represents Alex Salmond and Elish Angiolini, as well as Police Scotland. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is a former colleague of Peter Watson at Levy & McRae. Professor Watson is also known to have influential connections with the tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

The boast of keeping its clients off the front pages may indicate to some that it could enable Peter Watson to control, for example, leading politicians, senior police officers, members of the judiciary and legal profession and editors by means of blackmail. Whilst I have no evidence as yet to confirm that this type of coercion has ever occurred, it may not be unreasonable to suggest that Professor Watson is in a position to act in this way should he choose to do so. It may also go some way to explaining why people in Scotland are so frightened of him.

In fairness, concerns about his power and influence have been raised publicly by BBC Scotland`s Legal Head, Alistair Bonnington and by experienced Guardian journalist Roy Greenslade.

I understand that Peter Watson is a regular and loyal reader of this site and once again, I invite him to contact me if he feels that my comments are either inaccurate or unfair and I offer to publish such a response.

Finally, may I again congratulate Kevin Edwards and his supporters in South Wales in successfully exposing the brutal and criminal persecution of young Welsh girl Linda Lewis by the Welsh government. It is also important to salute Assembly Member David Rees for his courage and sense of duty to the people of Wales. If only the Scottish Parliament possessed just one person of Mr Rees`s calibre, the Hollie Greig case would be fully opened up, enabling the Scottish people to form their own opinions on its significance and credibility, an opportunity so far denied to them by its government`s threats against the media. Such threats were issued by none other than Levy & McRae, naturally!

Details of recent events in the Linda Lewis case can be found on the link:-

It just goes to show that with courage, resolve and skill, national leaders like Carwyn Jones and Alex Salmond can be finally exposed for their misdemeanours in public office.

Happy New Year to you all!

Friday, 20 December 2013


I was very pleased to have been invited to appear on UK Column Live`s televised programme, being interviewed by Brian Gerrish, on 19th December. The UK Column has established a fine reputation with its fearless reporting and is an example to those journalists and editors who are too often intimidated into dropping stories they know to be true and in the public interest.  The main feature of the interview was the factual evidence that supports the validity of the campaign on which I have relied. The interview can be seen, around twenty-eight minutes into the programme.

The documents exposing Alex Salmond`s involvement in the case are shown and the Freedom of Information Commissioner has confirmed that Mr Salmond and the SNP government were twice in breach of the terms of the FOI Act in connection with the Hollie Greig case.

In my previous post I reported my complaint to the police about Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen`s racial abuse directed at me and his complicity in falsifying the court audio record in order to omit his offensive and discriminatory remark. This abuse of me followed the discovery of Bowen`s undisclosed ten year relationship with cited defence witness Elish Angiolini, after I had publicly confronted Bowen with this deception in the courtroom. None of this appears to have had any negative impact on the pair`s academic careers. Angiolini was subsequently installed as Principal of St Hugh`s College Oxford, while Bowen retains his post as Assessor at Edinburgh University, where the Princess Royal is the Chancellor .Her Royal Highness`s private secretary has been kept informed of Bowen`s disgraceful conduct.

Scotland`s excellent Judicial Complaints Reviewer, Ms Moi Ali, has produced a damning report on the lack of accountability and disclosure failings of Scotland`s judiciary. The case of Edward Bowen amplifies and confirms everything that is wrong with the present laissez faire attitude displayed by the Lord President. Reports on Ms Ali`s official document have been published in the Scottish Sunday Mail of 15th December and in A Diary of Injustice on 16th December. The headline reads "Guilty, M`Luds".

Quite so.

Very good news has been reported from Wales in the past few days over the absolutely shocking Linda Lewis case, a study in the criminally cruel conduct of the state if ever there was one, in this case the Welsh Assembly- it is not just in Scotland that staggeringly barbaric corruption at the highest level exists.

Kevin Edwards, an astonishingly brave campaigner must take a great deal of credit for this in his battle against the odds in exposing a degree of state criminality that is almost beyond belief. A look at the Justice for Linda Lewis site will provide details of this heartrending case. One can only applaud one Welsh Assembly Member, David Rees, for his bravery and decency in obtaining confirmation that the Welsh Assembly, after years of denials, had indeed conspired to kidnap a defenceless and ill young girl. This development must give real hope to all victims of ruthless state oppression. One can only wish that the Scottish Parliament might include just one member as brave as David Rees - let us hope so, for the sake of all children and the disabled in that benighted country.

In another and totally unrelated case, Herefordshire`s Guy Taylor used his extensive knowledge of Common Law to win a landmark battle against huge business interests, not helped by sheer ignorance of the law and the indifference of the courts themselves.

There is no question that things are changing and that more and more good judges, police officers and  politicians are coming forward with the overwhelming majority of people in trying to restore decency, justice and humanity to our once proud nation that has now become widely known as the sick and depraved man of Europe.

Finally at this time of the year, I would like to thank again all the fine people who have loyally stood with me and especially in supporting the wonderfully courageous Hollie Greig and her devoted mother, Anne. I wish all of you the very best for Christmas and the New Year. The coming year will be a challenging one, no doubt, but with courage and resolve we can and will win. Kevin Edwards and Guy Taylor have just demonstrated that.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Today, I have made a formal complaint to Cheshire Police about two crimes committed by the above individual, one of racial abuse against me on 17th February 2012 and the second of the tampering with and the  falsifying of court evidence by Bowen and unidentified accomplices at a location and date unknown to me.

The audio of the court evidence was produced by Ultra Electronics Audiosoft, of Cirencester , Gloucestershire. The head of operations there, Andy Sullivan, has refused to offer any explanation of exactly how the audio came to have been so falsified. It is due to this evasion that I have now decided to report directly to the police.

After I had complained repeatedly that the document I had been sent from the Crown Office about Bowen`s sentencing remarks omitted two sentences, including the one in which the racial abuse occurred and the persistent refusal of the court to provide me with a copy of the audio, Lord Eassie appointed Lady Smith to investigate. Regrettably, due to a transparent lack of vigour and balance on Her Ladyship`s part, it may be reasonable to conclude that her priority was not for justice to be done and to be seen to be done, but to protect a fellow member of the judiciary at all costs. Moreover, Lady Smith would not allow me to listen to the audio - why not, if there is nothing to hide?

Meanwhile, with regard to Alex Salmond`s involvement in the Hollie Greig case, accurately reported in The Firm`s articles of 3 June and 11 July 2011 respectively, I have a letter dated 18 October 2013 from David Woods of the First Minister`s Correspondence Unit, assuring me that a reply will be sent to me as soon as possible.

I am still waiting.

Mr Salmond has all the key expert documents in his possession about Hollie`s case that has prompted such welcome support from politicians south of the border, as well as many people, including respected professionals, throughout the world.  The evidence is overwhelming of both Grampian Police`s failures and its corruption in withholding crucial evidence of the sexual abuses from the Prosecutor.

Exactly what, or perhaps who, is keeping Mr Salmond from calling for the proper inquiry this case so justly deserves.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


This is the staggeringly inaccurate remark attributed to the current Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, whilst discussing the issue of corroborative evidence The Scottish Law Reporter and others have challenged Mr Mulholland over this clear inconsistency in relation to its treatment of the Hollie Greig case.

The article can be accessed as follows:-

In Hollie`s case, there were in fact no fewer than 29 potential corroborative witnesses, although not one of them was interviewed by the police following Hollie`s detailed account of September 2009, supported furthermore by extensive expert witness documentation. There would have been another corroborative witness, Hollie`s Uncle Roy (Robert Greig), had he not died mysteriously and suspiciously in a car fire shortly after walking in on Hollie being sexually assaulted by her father.

The astonishing and horrifying case of the poor Italian lady whose baby was ripped from her womb on the orders of Essex Social Services has shocked the nation, but has served to highlight what those of us who have had dealings with social services and the Family Court have known for years. Therein exists a terrible and heartless culture that has arisen as a result, primarily, of the secrecy that allows  cruel, venal and often greedy people to act with impunity.

We have experienced this type of conduct in Hollie`s case, initially when Hollie`s mother Anne was forcibly and unjustifiably dragged to a mental institution just days after Hollie had identified the members of the ring that abused her, which included two Aberdeen social workers.

Once the case was gaining public momentum, the two unfortunate ladies were persecuted yet again by Shropshire Social Services, who ransacked and vandalised their home on 3rd June 2010 without any justification whatsoever while the ladies were on holiday. This draconian action by Social Services was presumably taken in order to protect their abuser colleagues in Aberdeen from publicity by intimidating Anne and Hollie into silence.

Legal action was also taken to do so, with another example of the corruption that exists within the Family Division taking place on 1st July 2010. In another secret court, Mrs Justice Pauffley attempted to pervert the course of justice by trying to bully Anne Greig and me into entering the court without our chosen legal advisers, in contradiction to our equitable rights. We faced the judge down, despite her threats and she was forced to concede. The same judge appeared to lose control at a subsequent hearing on 14th June 2011, when she made a thoughtless and offensive remark directed at Hollie.

I formally complained about her conduct at the time and have now done so again to the head of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, who seems to be getting to grips with the scandal within the courts and has just intervened on behalf of the Italian lady and her baby. However, I learned a few days ago that Mrs Justice Pauffley has been promoted!

Thanks to all of you who sent kind messages to me following my interview with Sonia Poulton on TPV last Thursday. Good luck also to another interviewee, Sid Hingerty, who is currently walking across the Midlands on his way to London to highlight the government`s granting of de facto immunity from prosecution to influential serial sex offenders like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith. Never forget that it is not who you know, but what you know about who you know that counts in this country if you want to get away with committing serious crimes against children and the disabled.

Best wishes also to the new broadcasters of TPV and to UK Column Live, who have flown the flag for some time in highlighting cases that the government does not want the public to know about. I`m quite sure that we would have heard nothing even about the Italian lady if the Leveson oppressors had got their way in gagging the media.

Friday, 29 November 2013

TPV - Thank you

Thanks is due to The People`s Voice (TPV) for inviting me to be interviewed by Sonia Poulton about the Hollie Greig case yesterday. For those of you who asked about Hollie, she enjoyed her 34th birthday last week. Hollie presents a shining example of bravery, against all the odds, to us all.

I was able to highlight the articles in the respected legal magazine The Firm, clearly demonstrating Alex Salmond and his government`s refusal to comply with the terms of the FOI Act when approached repeatedly by the Commissioner for information on the First Minister`s connection with the Hollie Greig case. Surely if a national leader is not prepared to stand up to defend children and the disabled in his own country from the horrors of sexual abuse, then he is palpably unfit to lead that country. That is now Alex Salmond`s position.

For those of you who watched the show and became aware of the case for the first time, I should say that the reason it has been established that the alleged abusers of Hollie were never even questioned by the police, came as a result of my trial.

When DC Lisa Evans, who had interviewed Hollie in my presence on 8th September 2009, was asked by my Counsel, Andy Lamb QC, if any of those clearly identified byHollie had been questioned by the police, DC Evans said "No".

Nine of those named by Hollie were brought in to testify against me by the prosecution. Mr Lamb asked each of the nine if they had ever been questioned by the police about Hollie`s allegations against them. Each one replied "No".

This by itself constitutes a gross dereliction of duty by DC Evans and the other officers directly responsible for investigating the case, led by D.I. Alex Dowell, who did not appear in court.

Again, for those new to the case, the two alleged identified abusers against whom the evidence was strongest, Hollie`s father and brother, were not amongst those who complained about me. Indeed, Mr Peter Anderson, the senior partner of Hollie`s father`s own solicitors Simpson & Marwick, which he shares with the sheriff named by Hollie, writes that "Hollie may well have been sexually abused by her father and brother".

If even Hollie`s father`s own solicitor thinks that, is there any possible reason why the two should not be questioned immediately and have their computers checked, given the weight of evidence against them?

Moreover, when you consider that some of the celebrities in the Jimmy Savile case have even been charged, let alone questioned, on much weaker evidence that that produced to support Hollie, it makes you wonder who the Scottish police really are protecting and why?

Some of the key documentary evidence referred to in the programme may be viewed in an earlier interview with Brian Gerrish, of the UK Column, who has also been gallantly flying the flag on behalf of the many victims of state-sponsored corruption in our country.

Thank you all again for your loyal support and for the kindness I received from the team at TPV, including of course, Sonia Poulton and David Icke. They have begun a wonderful venture in the interests of freedom from the oppression suffered by so many of our fellow citizens at the hands of an increasingly repressive state apparatus.

Who is pulling the strings in our country?

Certainly not the good people of this land of ours.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Alex Salmond has today included in his independence address the astonishing claim that it would lead to a "fairer and more democratic Scotland". Not under Salmond and his little gang, it wouldn`t.

How does he equate these concepts with the fact that I was snatched from the street by detectives at the beginning of my parliamentary election campaign in Aberdeen South in 2010, in order to challenge the SNP`s Mark McDonald and expose the SNP`s failure over the Hollie Greig case?

I was immediately then denied my human rights to legal representation and banned from the constituency and in fact, the whole of Aberdeenshire, in which Mr Salmond`s own constituency lies.

This action was not just an attack on me nor on Hollie Greig`s quest for justice, but on parliamentary democracy itself.

How then does the First Minister equate "fairness and democracy" with the single politically controlled police force that he has installed?

How does he equate these concepts with the fact that one solicitor, Peter Watson of Levy & McRae, represents the Scottish Police, Elish Angiolini, has a former Levy & McRae man as Justice Secretary and represents Mr Salmond himself ?

That is not all. By its own admission on its website, Levy & McRae represents all Scotland`s major broadcasting media. How on earth can Mr Salmond explain why he thinks these blatant conflicts of interest will lead to greater "fairness and democracy"?

Of course, we may be sure that none of the Scottish media  will dare to challenge Salmond on these fundamental points of public interest. The all-powerful Professor Watson will simply not allow it.

Just to remind everyone again that in respect of the Hollie Greig case, Salmond`s government, in 2011, breached sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Act in its repeated refusals to supply the Commissioner Kevin Dunion with the information required about Hollie.

Mr Dunion said "If the Ministers fail to comply with my decision, I have the right to certify that Ministers have failed to comply. The Court of Session can treat the failure as a contempt of court.

Thus , Alex Salmond`s entire government came within 24 hours of facing potential criminal charges.

Have the Scottish people been made aware of this dramatic event in what must be a matter of overriding public interest?

Of course not, Peter Watson would not permit the dear leader to face such likely public opprobium.

Meanwhile, in this fairer and more democratic country, Tim Rustige (Rusty) is now facing a five-day trial commencing 24th February, which is three days longer that the original was intended to be. Could it be that the trio of Sylvia Major, Elish Angiolini and Win Dragon will finally face cross-examination under oath?

The basis for this persecution of a brave international human rights activist is that he is alleged to have publicly objected to Angiolini`s suitability to be installed as Principal of St Hugh`s College, Oxford, which she claims has caused her "alarm and distress". Such alarm and distress must be significantly worse than the horrifying rape ordeals endured by Hollie Greig and probably, many other children and the disabled in Aberdeen. The poor woman must have suffered much more than the Lockerbie case`s Mr Al-Megrahi, terminally ill and locked away far from his home and family for years in a Scottish jail after being blatantly framed, with Angiolini`s knowledge and collaboration.

May I ask again for full support for Rusty from all decent people who really do believe in fairness and democracy?

The People`s Voice took to the air yesterday. The United Kingdom as a whole desperately needs the fundamental freedoms of the press and expression that it has been surreptitiously denied. As an example, if only the mainstream media had followed the example of David Icke in accusing Savile of his crimes whilst he was alive, how many ruined lives would have been saved, how many nightmare ordeals prevented?

That is why the country needs to return to true freedom.

I shall be interviewed by Sonia Poulton on The People`s Voice this Thursday, the 28th November. The programme begins at 17.15hrs.


I was first arrested and charged in Aberdeen on 12th February 2010 at the beginning of my campaign as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the General Election in May of that year.

I had sought to highlight the failure of the police to conduct any meaningful investigation into serious allegations of sexual abuse made by a reliable witness, backed by much independent expert medical and psychlogical evidence and by the state itself, resulting in an award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and to point out the danger that I had reason to believe may exist to the people of Aberdeen as a result of the aforesaid police failures.

As a result, two years later, I was given a one year prison sentence by a single sheriff in the Scottish Court.

At almost exactly the same time as my conviction, Liam Gibson, an oil industry executive, was arrested and charged after police had discovered some 50,000 images of child pornography on his computer, described as one of the worst cases of its kind in Scotland.

Mr Gibson did not go to prison.

Douglas Haggarty QC, then aged 58, a senior member of the Scottish Legal Aid Board, was arrested and charged when being found committing a sexual act with a 17-year-old male prostitute. The pair were discovered in the gents` toilets at the British Home Stores` St Enoch Centre branch in the heart of Glasgow. Moreover, the offenders were found on a busy Saturday afternoon when many families were shopping in the store.

Mr Haggarty did not go to prison.

In fact, he was even allowed to retain his position of public responsibility and trust in relation to funding at the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Stuart MacFarlane, a senior Glasgow Procurator Fiscal, was charged after being found, in the city centre, committing an indecent act with a female prostitute. He also attacked and injured the two police officers who discovered him committing the criminal offence.

One might have thought that the attack on two police officers conducting their duties would in itself lead to a custodial sentence.

It did not, Mr MacFarlane did not go to prison.

Mr Haggarty and Mr MacFarlane were both defended by Paul McBride QC, who was found dead in March this year, aged 48, in a hotel room in Pakistan.

Is it unreasonable to suppose that sex offenders in Scotland with influential connections are treated with excessive lenience?

Friday, 3 August 2012

With regard to my complaint to the Press Complaints Commission about the article of 17th June referring to the Hollie Greig campaign in the Sunday Herald, written by David Leask, its editor, Richard Walker, has still declined to respond to the bulk of the questions posed to him.

The formal investigation will now move on to be scrutinised under the terms of the Editor`s Code of Conduct and I have offered my full cooperation, including a willingness to appear before the Commission in person, if required to do so and supply further documentation if thought to be helpful towards the investigation reaching a conclusion.

Surprisingly, Mr Walker, nearly seven weeks after publication, has even failed to address an obvious factual blunder in the article, namely and I quote, "The CICA was told a doctor had examined Hollie and found evidence that she had had sex - although there was no evidence to suggest with whom."

Irrespective of the merits of Holllie`s case, this is clearly an absurd statement for the Herald to make.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, by definition, does not make financial awards from public funds on the grounds of someone merely having sex with an unnamed individual.

However, it goes far deeper than this. At the time the article was published, the Sunday Herald had in its possession two of the documents that the CICA used to conclude that it accepted Hollie`s claims that she had indeed been a victim of criminal abuse. These were the ones written by Dr Eva Harding and Dr Jack Boyle. In no way did the contents of either of these expert advice documents correspond with the Sunday Herald`s statement. In fact, Dr Harding specifically named four of those identified by Hollie and in Dr Boyle`s report, he also referred to a previous sexual offence not involving Hollie committed by one of those four so named.

Finally, attention should be drawn to recent published statements, some of which were included in the article, by BBC Scotland`s investigation correspondent, Mark Daly, who has indicated that he believes that Hollie`s campaign is based on "a tissue of lies."

However, I have in my possession a letter under BBC Scotland`s heading, dated 10th June 2009, sent immediately following the BBC`s abrupt decision not to continue with plans to broadcast a planned documentary. Two of the sentences included are as follows.

" We are convinced that Hollie was indeed abused and we do not dispute the police and professional evidence regarding what happened to her."


"We are extremely sorry to disappoint you, as we know that it is important to you to feel that your story has been told and to highlight the injustice suffered by Hollie and others in similar situations."

The letter was signed by Kathy Long (BBC Radio Scotland), Liam McDougall (Panorama)  - and Mark Daly!

I will leave the readers to draw their own conclusions as to the reliability of any of Mr Daly`s subsequent statements.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kim Ryley`s reign as Chief Executive of Shropshire Council, has come to an abrupt and ignominious end, something that supporters of Hollie Greig have been pressing for over the past two years.

When Shropshire Council began its cruel and unnecessary persecution of Hollie and Anne, including its shocking and pointless vandalism of their home and place of sanctuary on 3rd June 2010, Kim Ryley admitted to me that he took full responsibility for the actions taken.

Now he is gone.

Although the reasons for his sudden departure have not yet been revealed, he has presided over what must be an astronomical waste of public money in prosecuting Hollie`s case, much of it going on top London lawyers`fees and appearances before senior judges at the Royal Courts of Justice, all spent in a crude and disgraceful attempt to intimidate and silence two brave and remarkable women, moreover related to issues that had absolutely nothing to do with Shropshire or even England.

The authorities still refuse to disclose to the public the true financial costs of the Council`s actions, which are set to considerably escalate even further, whilst the county`s vital public services are being ruthlessly cut through apparent lack of funds, whilst it seems that no financial limit exists when it comes to using the people`s money to attack these ladies.

The people of Shropshire, particularly its most vulnerable citizens, now deserve a CEO of competence and compassion and they have a right to be informed of the truth of exactly how much of the public`s money has been squandered on this case, which also includes considerable costs undertaken by West Mercia Police at Shropshire Council`s behest.

Let us now hope that someone in authority in Shropshire has the integrity and decency to bring this fiasco to a swift end.

Finally, great credit should be given to those kind and brave people who have come out to support Hollie and Anne in London when facing the trauma inflicted upon them by Shropshire Council in forcing them to appear before the hostile and secret "Family" Courts.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I have received a number of requests about the state of the current Press Complaints Commission investigation into the Sunday Herald`s article of 17th June 2012, about which I complained had been grossly unbalanced and in some cases, factually inaccurate. In my view, the article was an extraordinarily biased piece of journalism published, it appeared, with the overriding objective of undermining the credibility of Hollie Greig and those who have loyally supported her quest for justice.

After a considerable period of waiting, the editor, Richard Walker, has eventually provided an answer to the PCC that in no way can be considered to have addressed most of the significant points made in my complaint. The article in question, written by David Leask, quite blatantly ignored the considerable medical, psychological and other expert witness evidence provided. The headline itself used the words devastating fantasy to describe Hollie`s allegations and the overwhelming emphasis of the whole article was to find ways with which to support this leading statement. Whatever views one might hold on the various aspects of the case, under no circumstances could Hollie`s allegations  be honestly described as fantasy, given the unchallenged supporting expert evidence, backed by the fact that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority had been sufficiently convinced by the weight of the said evidence that Hollie had indeed been the victim of serious crime, by awarding her £13,500  from public funds.

I do not propose to go into further detail here, as I have been invited to prepare a response to the PCC about Mr Walker`s belated attempt at an explanation, so it is only fair to allow the PCC investigators the opportunity of assessing the information when it has been presented to them.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

This is a brief blog to thank everyone who provided such marvellous support whilst I was imprisoned in Aberdeen.

I was touched by the overwhelming kindness of so many people around the world who wrote to me and the compassion displayed especially towards Hollie Greig and those who, like her, have suffered similar ordeals.

To those of you who came to demonstrate on my behalf outside the jail and in the city of Aberdeen, I cannot find the words to adequately express my deepest appreciation. The strength of the support was felt not only by me, but by the whole prison, it seemed.

Many of you were concerned about my treatment in prison, but I must say that I was looked after with the utmost humanity and consideration by the officers, governors and perhaps most importantly of all, my fellow prisoners, who were unfailingly kind to me. Contrary to what is sometimes thought, there is a lot of goodness within prison walls and I am convinced by my own experience that most of the people are certainly not fundamentally bad by any means. Often, they are paying dearly for perhaps one serious mistake or having the misfortune of suffering from a difficult background.

I also came away with the utmost admiration for the officers at HMP Aberdeen, who conduct their difficult and often dangerous duties with patience, compassion and professionalism.

There are many ongoing legal, political and humanitarian issues currently taking place behind the scenes in connection with Hollie`s case, including the transparent need for a properly constituted inquiry and my own legal efforts to have my conviction quashed. I believe that my human rights have already been breached on numerous occasions by the Scottish justice system, including the latest refusal of the High Court to even allow me to appeal. All this will take time, but these unsatisfactory matters are being and will be dealt with.

Finally, I must stress that this is the only blog that is under my control. There are many sites which express sympathy and support for the plight of Hollie, but I have absolutely no control or direct influence on anything that is published on any other site. I discovered after my release that my former site, holliedemandsjustice Robert Green`s blog had been rendered inoperable whilst I was imprisoned and that will never be used by me again.

Your generosity of spirit and kindness was a great strength to me in prison and to my family and I shall not forget it.


Thursday, 19 September 2013
At the end of the last hearing over Elish Angiolini`s defamation action against me , on 1st May, her legal representatives Roddy Dunlop QC and solicitor Fred Tyler approached me with an offer to reach an agreement. Angiolini believes that I have been unfair in criticising her by claiming that she has been instrumental in covering up the rape of Hollie Greig. It should be pointed out that whilst in office as Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini was most vociferous about her commitment to protect victims of rape.
Therefore, I sent all the detailed expert witness statements supporting Hollie`s allegations to Mr Tyler along with the Commissioner`s evidence confirming that Grampian Police had withheld two of these crucial supporting medical documents from the Procurator Fiscal. It is certain from the evidence provided by experts with impeccable credentials that Hollie has been the victim of rape and that she has identified her attackers and indeed, their views have been accepted by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in granting Hollie a financial award.
My offer, which, in the circumstances, I regard as an extremely generous and fair one, was for Angiolini to be prepared to publicly call for a proper and adequate investigation to take place into Hollie`s case. In return, I would willingly cease criticising Angiolini in public and would in fact be willing to cooperate with her in trying to ensure that such an investigation is correctly undertaken, in an effort for justice to be served and to protect Scottish children and the disabled from sexual abuse.
I have taken the position that what has happened in the past, relating to my imprisonment and Angiolini`s concern about her reputation, count for very little in comparison to the horrific ordeals suffered by Hollie and probably other children and the disabled.
I have asked nothing for myself other than the right to continue to contest against my conviction and to offer support to Rusty (Tim Rustige) who has also been treated in an extraordinarily unjust and disproportionate manner.
Elish Angiolini, self -proclaimed protector of rape victims, has declined, without explanation, the opportunity to come to the aid of such a victim, disabled and defenceless.
The next hearing in this case is to take place in Edinburgh on 18th October.
Rusty`s next hearing, an interim one at which he need not attend, is scheduled for 8th October at Aberdeen. His trial is set to take place on 4th and 5th November. Sylvia Major, Elish Angiolini and Win Dragon are set to come before the Court. I understand that there is also the prospect of Hollie`s father and brother being called. Given the weight of evidence provided by Dr Eva Harding, Dr Jack Boyle, Dr Frances Kelly, Dr Paul Carter and Detective Inspector Iain Alley and other police officers, some very interesting cross-examinations are likely to take place.
Meanwhile, one person who is definitely not going to jail is Stuart MacFarlane, whom I have mentioned in previous posts. Mr MacFarlane is a former Procurator Fiscal and a deputy to Elish Angiolini. His latest trial has been reported in the 18th September editions of the Scottish Express and the Daily Record. He was found to have been in possession of 15,000 computer images, described as “horrifying”, including sexual acts between adults, children and animals. Of course, for a magic circle member like Mr MacFarlane, this was not deemed serious enough to merit a custodial sentence.
The two articles, though no doubt correctly interpreting public sentiments, do not mention that in 2006, Macfarlane was found performing a sexual act in public with a female prostitute, He went on to attack the two police officers who arrested him, causing injuries that had to be treated in hospital.
One would have thought that in any country that regarded itself to be civilised, such criminal conduct would invariably result in a prison sentence. But, no, MacFarlane, now a violent double sex offender, has powerful friends. He did not go to prison. It was deemed by Elish Angiolini`s Crown Office, “not to be in the public interest” to jail him, leaving him free to re-offend.
It was decided, however, by Angiolini, to be in the public interest for Rusty and me to be imprisoned.
It may reasonably be asked exactly who are these members of the public in whose interests Angiolini has purported to act?
Posted by Robert Green at 18:26
Ian Hamilton QC, is a widely admired figure in Scotland and a staunch supporter of independence.
On 6th July 2011, he was interviewed by BBC Newsnight and described Scotland`s record on human rights as appalling. For this shocking state of affairs, he primarily blamed Elish Angiolini, followed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. Mr Hamilton goes on to strongly condemn them over the Peter Cadder case, by which approximately 76,000 people were unsafely convicted.
I was one of those, denied my human rights, in direct contradiction of Scotland`s own legal commitments, by DS Drummond and DC Crowder on 12th February 2010, when they refused me the legal representation to which I was entitled when I was charged.
Another glaring example of Angiolini`s and MacAskill`s utter contempt for fundamental human rights lay in the circumstances connected with the false conviction and imprisonment of Mr Al-Megrahi in the notorious Lockerbie case.

Mr Hamilton`s interview can be seen thus:-
Many observers who have been following the Hollie Greig case are at a loss to understand why the Scottish mainstream media barely ever mentions the issue, even when connected criminal cases are involved, such as those of Tim Rustige (Rusty) and mine. The police officers from Operation Yewtree seemed puzzled that at the height of the Jimmy Savile scandal that no mention or photographs at all were published in the Scottish media when his cottage in Glencoe was prominently daubed “Justice for Hollie Greig”.
One possible explanation for the existence of this blanket of secrecy may lie in the person of Peter Watson, senior partner of solicitors Levy & McRae. The firm claims to specialise in managing unwelcome publicity affecting its clients. It states that “we aim to keep our clients off the front page”. This is certainly no idle boast. It is clearly very successful in that regard.
Professor Watson acts for Elish Angiolini and personally represents First Minister Alex Salmond. Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is a former colleague when working as a solicitor at Levy & McRae. When Chief Constable Sir Stephen House was head of Strathclyde Police, Levy & McRae represented the Police Federation of that force. Now Sir Stephen leads Police Scotland, Levy & McRae now represent the Federation covering the entire country. The firm also acts for the Scottish Prison Officers Association. Professor Watson even acts as a part-time sheriff.
Levy & McRae`s power and influence does not end there, by any means.
Professor Watson is a key advisor to Alex Salmond in his efforts to further control the Scottish media. The firm represents a good part of the media, including Scottish TV, the Daily Record, Herald Scotland and others. In fact, Levy & McRae states that it represents “the biggest names in print and broadcast media”. Is it any surprise then that issues damaging to Elish Angiolini, such as the Hollie Greig case, may never see the light of day?
It must be said that Levy & McRae has received many glowing accolades from satisfied clients and in 2008, Peter Watson, described as “brilliant”, was voted Solicitor of the Year.
All this is, no doubt, wonderful for Professor Watson and for Levy & McRae, but could any of these wide-ranging spheres of influence constitute potential conflicts of interest in the way that Scotland is governed, possible effects on policing, the justice system and matters of genuine public interest being concealed from the people of Scotland?
If I have omitted any other remaining powerful organisations or individuals in Scotland that Levy & McRae represent, I sincerely apologise.
Posted by Robert Green at 09:30 – 25th September 2013
Saturday, 19 October 2013
Thank you all for your wonderful support yet again and to the gallant Scottish, English and Irish people who made the journey to the Court of Session. Also, I would like to thank all of you who sent messages of support. It means a lot to me and I`m sure it does to Hollie and her devoted mother who has had to endure so much. Thanks also to those who spread the word, including the televised messages put out by UK Column Live.
Dame Elish Angiolini, on the other hand, was conspicuous by her absence, as usual.
Roddy Dunlop QC, of Axiom Advocates, requested that Lord Bannatyne issue a perpetual interdict on me to prevent me criticising the great Dame. Of course, I could not defend this proposition on equitable grounds, being denied the level of legal representation to which I am entitled. In previous hearings, Lords Glennie and Stewart have made this point perfectly clear, but Lord Bannatyne disagreed with his fellow Lordships, which poses yet another interesting question for the Scottish legal establishment.
Lord Bannatyne did reserve judgement, but I do not think he should have even considered such a motion by the pursuer with my being deprived of adequate means of defence. Mr Dunlop`s legal points were, of course, unintelligible to me.
However, I was permitted to read out a copy of my letter of 12th September 2013 to the Court of Session. This was said in open court with no restrictions, so its contents can be reported on freely.
I will not go through the whole letter, which will be published, but here are some of the most salient points.
Excerpts included my disappointment that Angiolini had refused my offer to cooperate in calling for a proper and adequate investigation into the Hollie Greig case. Interestingly, during his submission, Mr Dunlop did refer to all right-thinking people being opposed to the sexual abuse of children, but perhaps wisely, did not specifically include his client among that number.
I was able to list the severe public condemnations of Angiolini by Professor Robert Black QC, Ian Hamilton QC in his BBC interview, the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Hope of the Supreme Court, amongst others. I believe there is a valid argument for submitting that Angiolini`s record as Lord Advocate was so appalling that it would be difficult for anyone to defame her in that regard.
I went on to describe Angiolini, on 8th September 2009, publicly criticising Mr Al-Megrahi`s attempt to clear his name as being contemptible. It was actually Angiolini who displayed contempt, both for the law of Scotland and for the basic human rights of a dying man, falsely imprisoned far from his home and family. She knew at that time that his conviction was unsound, yet was prepared to lie to the whole world, presumably to protect the interests of the CIA. It is quite possible that Angiolini knows the true identities of those who were responsible for the Lockerbie bomb and that may offer a possible indication of why the Scottish establishment will go to such extraordinary lengths to protect and cosset her. It may well be that she knows too much.
I then referred to the information that Angiolini had even tried to deceive her own legal team in this particular case, as I discovered from Mr Dunlop and Balfour & Manson`s Mr Tyler after the 1st May hearing. She had led them to believe that she had not been cited as a defence witness at my trial, a blatant untruth. She was indeed cited by my Counsel, Andy Lamb QC to appear, but refused to be cross-examined under oath, If she had nothing to hide, why avoid being questioned in open court.
Moving on, I was able to present details from expert witness statements, including that of Dr Eva Harding, one of those accepted by the CICA for Hollie to be granted an award. It was also one of the documents concealed from the Prosecutor by Grampian Police. I said that Dr Harding`s findings concluded unequivocally that Hollie`s father and brother, Denis Charles Mackie and Greg Mackie, had sexually abused her from childhood and that she was probably abused by others who had access to her. Among those named was a cousin of Denis Mackie, Sylvia Major and her police officer husband, who was Terry Major, Chief Fingerprint Officer for Grampian Police. Is it any wonder that rogue elements within the police force did not want the Prosecutor to see this evidence?
Of course, despite the police holding this overwhelming supporting evidence, not one of the individuals named by Hollie to the police in my presence in September 2009 was so much as questioned.
Although I did not discuss this at the hearing, Alex Salmond is up to his neck in the Hollie Greig cover up.
The Firm`s article of 11th July 2011 is headed “First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations”. It highlights Mr Salmond`s failure to answer a FOI request made to him of 28th January 2011, which eventually led to the entire SNP government coming within 24 hours of being held in contempt of court. It appears that Mr Salmond was initially trying to give the impression that he knew nothing about Hollie Greig, but The Firm pointed out that the Crown office`s Andrew McIntyre, in a letter to me of 23rd July 2009, had referred to an email that I had sent to the First Minister on 20th June that year. I also hold a copy of a letter dated 2nd October 2007 to Anne Greig from Julie Muir, of his constituency office, in which she states “Mr Salmond has asked me to thank you for your letter and to reply”.
That is not all.
On 1st May 2011, in Perth, I personally handed over the expert witness documents to Mr Salmond, explaining briefly what they contained. He took them and said “I`ll take a look at them”.
There is an important event taking place in September 2014 to resolve the question of Scottish independence. If Alex Salmond does not think that the unchecked sexual abuse of Scottish children and the disabled by paedophile gangs is sufficiently important as to warrant his attention, then he should say so- publicly!
The SNP`s office number is 0131 525 8900, if you would like to know the First Minister`s views on this specific topic are and an explanation for his conduct over the Hollie Greig case.
Finally, thanks must go to Tim Rustige`s MP, Graham Brady. After he had contacted the Prime Minister, having been given full details of Hollie`s case, a letter to Mr Brady from 10 Downing St states “The Prime Minister has asked for a Minister in the Home office to reply to you directly”. The letter also refers to the Prime Minister`s awareness of the request for a Parliamentary level National Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse coverups.
Perhaps this may be a tangible official step towards untangling and exposing the corruption involved in the horrific case of Hollie Greig and protecting others from such ordeals.
Thank you all again for staying with us throughout this battle for justice.
Posted by Robert Green
From Time to Time
By Robert Green – Robert Green’s Blog –
From time to time, supporters of Hollie`s case draw my attention to a bizarre little knot of people who call themselves the Hollie Greig Hoax Group, in total denial of the powerful supportive documentary evidence that has often been published. Unsurprisingly, the group is backed by Peter Watson, of Levy & McRae, who is the personal lawyer for Alex Salmond and Elish Angiolini, amongst other Scottish luminaries. These individuals seem to think it acceptable to publicly smear a disabled multiple rape victim who they know is not able to defend herself. Having gone through some of the most horrific and disgusting ordeals imaginable, Hollie is still pursued by this vociferous but fundamentally cruel and cowardly little group.
I get attacked also by them, but at least I am able to stand up for myself. The attacks on me are actually diversionary, as my opinion of Hollie`s case actually counts for very little. I was not a witness to the crimes, have no medical, psychological or relevant legal expertise and knew nothing of Hollie until a group of patriotic Scots asked me to help Hollie and her mother in 2008. My only real value as a witness at all is that I was present on 8th September 2009 when Hollie made her harrowing three and a half hour statement about her ordeals and those responsible to DC Lisa Jane Evans of Grampian Police, DC Evans later admitted on oath in court that not one of those named had even been so much as questioned – some police investigation!
The opinions that do count and on which I have overwhelmingly relied are those of independent and respected professionals, none of whom are known to me personally. It is already a fact that the state has also accepted the weight and validity of the evidence by making a financial award through the CICA, regarding Hollie as a genuine victim of sexual abuse.
Now, I propose to remind you of some excerpts taken from the mass of expert witness evidence in support of Hollie`s claims.
Dr Eva Harding stated that “it is undoubtedly the case that Hollie`s father and brother have sexually abused her over a long period from childhood and probably by others who had access to her”.

Dr Jack Boyle wrote that “Hollie is truthful and is describing sexual abuse”.
Detective Inspector Iain Alley of Grampian Police reported as follows ,“The investigating officer and others who have conducted further enquiry since were all of the opinion that she had been the victim of penetrative sexual abuse and that she named her father, Denis Mackie as the perpetrator. There is a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that Hollie was sexually abused and that included penetration of her private parts. Given that Hollie, because of her difficulties, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular unsupervised access. She named her father as responsible.

Officers who have dealt with Hollie have taken the view that she was a truthful witness and an entirely innocent victim”.

There is, of course, much more supportive evidence from a variety of experts in similar vein.
Even Peter Anderson, the senior partner of Denis Mackie`s own solicitors, Simpson & Marwick, writes “it may well be the case that Hollie Greig has been sexually abused by her father and brother”.

In the midst of my usual criticisms of Scotland`s politicians and legal profession, it is surely right to praise the integrity of Mr Peter Anderson. There cannot be many solicitors anywhere who would express the view to the effect that their own client is probably guilty of a serious sexual offence against a child. Other solicitors and Mr Salmond please take note. Mr Anderson`s altruism is a credit to Scotland.

Coincidentally, Mr Anderson also represents Sheriff Graham Buchanan.
The First Minister, Alex Salmond, has been in possession of all these documents for some time now and his office promised a reply to me in a letter dated 18 October 2013, written by Mr David Woods. I am still waiting, although I have invited him to comment on any of the expert evidence with which he may choose to disagree, as he was prepared to break the law twice when challenged by the Information Commissioner to explain his inaction and evasiveness over the Hollie Greig abuse case.
The staggering multiple crimes committed by Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith were never investigated whilst the pair of them were alive. There is a reason for this. Dead men cannot speak. Without doubt, naming their circle of accomplices would have rocked the British establishment to its foundations.
Hence, the problem now faced by the Scottish establishment is that Denis Mackie remains alive and at large. Following Hollie`s account of September 2009, why on earth was Mackie not questioned and his computer seized, standard police procedure in such cases?
It is surely not unreasonable to suggest that the discovery of Denis Mackie`s list of “contacts” would prove very damaging to the Scottish hierarchy. Is there any other reason for the Scottish government`s extraordinary and continuing efforts to close the case down at all costs?
Why is Alex Salmond prepared to break his own country`s laws rather than instigate a proper inquiry into the multiple rapes of a disabled girl in a neighbouring constituency to his own?
Finally, let me make it perfectly clear that the fundamental purpose of the Hollie Greig campaign is to ensure that such an appropriate inquiry takes place to compensate for past police failings, in the public interest. It is not to prejudge. Even Denis and Greg Mackie are entitled to be treated with a level of justice consistently denied by the Scottish state to Hollie.
Given the strength of the evidence, who could honestly argue against such a simple request?

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