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WILDCAT Police control room in #Inverness could close as part of “NEXT PHASE” of changes #ScotCops

Police control room in #Inverness could close as part of “NEXT PHASE” of changes #ScotCops

The police control room in Inverness could be next to close as part of changes to call handling across Scotland.
Assistant Chief Constable John Hawkins confirmed that plans are in motion – but said any changes are yet to be signed off by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA).
A retired senior police officer yesterday suggested a combined emergency services call centre for the Highlands instead.
Aberdeen’s police call centre closed last month – with the service being moved to Dundee and the central belt.
Mr Hawkins said: “The next phase of the call handling programme plans to see calls from the Inverness area control room transition into the Police Scotland service centre. Detailed governance and scrutiny takes place in advance of any key structural change and proposals must be signed off by the independent SPA before any transition will be implemented.”
He added there would be “no change” to the service provided by officers – while inisting that call handling would be “improved”.
Matthew Reiss, a former police area commander for the Far North, has long held concerns about changes to call handling.
Mr Reiss said: “These are experienced professional people doing a very pressured stressful role and they know that in a 999 call every second potentially counts. It’s unfair to add extra pressure on them.”
He said it was his opinion that a combined control room housing all of the 999 services somewhere in the Highlands would be the answer.
A Scottish Government spokeswoman said it was a matter for the SPA – but said ministers expected changes to be “underpinned by extensive assurance activity”.
A spokeswoman for the SPA said: “No decision will be taken to transfer calls from Inverness until the SPA board is satisfied that the evidence and assurance provided by the senior responsible officer, local commander, HMICS, an independent gateway review and our own C3 governance and assurance group, means the service is supported and ready for the transfer of calls to take place.”
She added: “While we are confident that a strong call handling service is being provided to the public, we are not complacent and work continues to further strengthen the programme. We will, in a careful and considered way move towards realising the full benefits of a single integrated operating model with work around the next important milestone in the summer.”
Mr Reiss, Ind, is standing in the Thurso and Northwest Caithness ward at the elections alongside Gillian Coghill, Ind; Tommy Farmer, Ind; Alexander Glasgow, LD; Donnie Mackay, Ind; Struan Mackie, Con; Sandra Owsnett, Green; Matthew Reiss, Ind; Karl Rosie, SNP; Roger Saxon, Lab.

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