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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Are Red Shoes A Pedophile Signal? (Pizzagate -- Pope connection?)

  • What does this mean? 
  • Why are everybody wearing red shoes?

Art in Tony Podesta's home:

Why are all the children wearing red shoes?

Let's look at this email sent to John Podesta:
  • So they met close to Tony Podesta's 72nd birthday, which allowed for some sort of "extra celebration".
  • The sender attaches pictures (2) that shows "the spirit of the evening - at a couple different levels."
  • Let's look at the pictures.

Picture 1:

Nothing remarkable about that picture.

Picture 2:

Does this look like a party picture to you? What "level" of entertainment is this suppose to display? Now look at those shoes, and look at his body language, and how he's smiling to himself while flexing the foot.

As an extension of this, know that new "good" pope, Pope Francis since 2013, WON'T WEAR RED SHOES. Instead, he wears black.

Consider this in context to the MASSIVE amount sexual child abuse and cover ups in the Catholic church.

Why was the Catholic church covering for pedophiles? Why was the previous pope so keen on proudly wearing his Italian-made red shoes? Prada Pope? It might be a coincidence, but it might also not be.

Is the catholic church pedophile ring connected to the Washington, D.C. pedophile ring?

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