Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Cecily Jones reviewed Shirley Oaks Survivors – 4 star

I was in Shirley Oaks from around 1971 to 1976. I lived in a number of different houses and in my view, our experiences there differed according to which house you happened to end up in. Some were better, others less so. The issue for me isn't just the sexual abuse that went on, but there was a lot of other abuse, e.g. racial, that hasn't been addressed. It's wider than Shirley oaks or the children's homes, but its also about how Lambeth Social Services dealt with and managed our lives. I was able to access my files a couple of years ago - a lot of it was redacted, but to be honest, I read a few pages and felt so ill and sick that I've not been able to finish reading them since then. I cannot believe the way in which social workers talked about me, the things that they said about me. Also, the ways in which they dealt with certain things that I can't raise here but I know that I lost my son because of LSS.

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