Sunday, 2 April 2017


Date: Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 6:50 PM
Subject: Reference Aberdeen's historic Hollie Greig serial rape / child sexual abuse scandal.
To:, information@childabuseinquiry.
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                                                          SALMONDS SECOND POLITICAL PRISONER ?          

Reference Aberdeen's historic – (and still denied scrupulous police investigation) - Hollie Greig serial rape / child sexual abuse scandal.
Are the MSP - etc, et al - addressees aware of the content of the attached documents and the fact that Scotland's Child Abuse Inquiry has now passed from an initial three panel membership to the aegis of a single entity – that of the most untrustworthy Anne Mather Smith - who is commonly viewed as a most unsuitable choice of Chair due her past negative involvement with the Hollie Greig case and 'Justice for Hollie' activist George Robert Green (twice imprisoned by Scottish authorities on concocted evidence and perjured testimony to silence his campaign) – as an establishment Magic Circle 'Nonce-Ponce' cover-ups shill?
To wit, the three documents of correspondence from David Mowat MP to Nicola Sturgeon, Anne Smith, and Ms Leslie Evans (Permanent Secretary to Scottish Government) subtly imply that the requested information referenced therein has been denied for release via conspiratorial subterfuge at the highest levels of the Scottish establishment – a blatant factor that has dogged any official investigation of the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig and a host of other special needs children by a seemingly 'untouchable' elitist Aberdeen-based paedophile ring – with the 22 named abusers – both male and female – ranging from sitting sheriffs to police officers to court officials to social workers to school teachers to doctors and nurses, etcetera, et al – (with bent solicitors and venal news hacks coercing a media black-out of the abuse scandal)   - still at large since Hollie's mother first filed a complaint viz the rape of her daughter in 2000.

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