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spotlight on abuse: the past on trial

18th-25th January 1975: Letters regarding the Albany Trust’s links with PIE (The Times)
26th August 1975: Child-lovers win fight for role in Gay Lib (The Guardian)
26th August 1975: Legalise child sex – call (Sheffield Morning Telegraph)
28th August-15th September 1975: Guardian ‘London Letter’ column on PIE and related correspondence (The Guardian)
November 1975: ‘Evidence on the law relating to and penalties for certain sexual offences involving children – For The Home Office Criminal Law Revision Committee’ aka ‘The PIE manifesto’
22nd January 1976: Who really wants a change in the age of consent? (The Times)
Spring 1976: ‘Paedophile Politics’ (Gay Left)
19th May 1977: Adults only (The Guardian)
4th February 1977: Blackmail after man applied to join paedophile organization (The Times)
24th August 1977: Mirror comment – For adults only (Daily Mirror)
27th August 1977: Conference ban puts paedophile group further into cold (The Guardian)
28th August 1977: Dutch MP backs child sex (The Guardian)
30th August 1977: Paedophile talks backed by homosexuals (The Times)
1st September 1977: Paedophile conference plans ‘age of consent’ meeting (The Guardian)
4th September 1977: Britain ‘intolerant’ on child sex (The Observer)
9th September 1977: Priest’s child sex views repudiated (The Guardian)
20th September 1977: Fury of the mothers (Daily Mirror)
24th September 1977: Gays join PIE fight (The Guardian)
16th December 1977: Row over cash for paedophiles (Daily Mirror)
16th December 1977: Grants ‘help child sex group’ (The Guardian)
20th December 1977: Guardian praised despite erring (The Guardian)
25th January 1978: Musician jailed on charges over pornography (Daily Mail)
1st April 1978: Judge slams child sex ring (Daily Express)
1st April 1978: ‘Sinister’ sex group rapped (Daily Mirror)
11th June 1978: They just don’t give a damn (News of the World)
18th June 1978: Child sex leaders raided (Sunday Express)
25th June 1978: Why a school sacked the nastiest man in Britain (News of the World)
11th July 1978: Dishonoured: the shame of a viscount’s son who turned from porn books to child sex (Daily Express)
7th November 1978: Reporter held (Daily Mail)
24th June 1979: Poisonous PIEmen are at it again (News of the World)
18th November 1979: We trapped little boy’s evil friend (News of the World)
November 1980: The Beast of Berlin (Private Eye)
21st January 1981: Child sex group ‘is a force for evil’ (Daily Mail)
25th January 1981: Police swooped over our story on the PIE men (News of the World)
27th January 1981: Paedophile book earns lecturer’s praise (The Guardian)
February 1981: The Beast of Berlin (2) (Private Eye)
1st February 1981: PIE men retrial (Daily Mirror)
1st March 1981: PIE men face sex charge (News of the World)
7th March 1981: ‘Child porn exchanged’ (The Guardian)
14th March 1981: Why the DPP resurrected an ancient law to deal with paedophiles (The Guardian)
15th March 1981: Whitelaw quiz on envoy’s links with the child sex men (News of the World)
16th March 1981: Why we did not prosecute (Daily Mail)
16th March 1981: ‘Don’t name porn envoy’ (The New Standard)
16th March 1981: Tory MP threatens to name ex-diplomat mentioned in sex trial (The Times)
17th March 1981: Child-sex diary of a diplomat (Daily Mail)
17th March 1981: MP determined to name diplomat over child pornography case (The Guardian)
17th March 1981: MP is defiant over naming diplomat (The Times)
17th March 1981: Paedophile case diplomat would have faced purge (The Times)
18th March 1981: MP names man in child sex case (Daily Mail)
18th March 1981: I will name the porn case envoy today (Daily Express)
18th March 1981: MP defies porn case plea (Daily Mirror)
18th March 1981: Shame of the ‘porn’ envoy (The New Standard)
18th March 1981: Diplomat referred to in sex trial named today (The Times)
19th March 1981: I will name more names (Daily Express)
19th March 1981: MP in porn name storm (Daily Mail)
19th March 1981: Rap for MP who named envoy (Daily Mirror)
19th March 1981: Secret shame of Mr Perfect (Daily Mirror)
19th March 1981: ‘Porn’ envoy: Havers replies (The New Standard)
19th March 1981: MP’s questions anger Hayman solicitor (The Times)
19th March 1981: Mr Steel says naming diplomat may be abuse of privilege (The Times)
20th March 1981: How Sir Peter was kept out of the PIE trial (The Guardian)
20th March 1981: Havers defends non-prosecution (The Guardian)
20th March 1981: Text of MP’s questions on envoy and replies by Ministers (The Guardian)
20th March 1981: Law chief tells of ‘an obsession with child-torture’ (The Sun)
20th March 1981: My flat’s been bugged, he says (The Sun)
20th March 1981: Sir Peter ‘not in blackmail plot’ (The Sun)
20th March 1981: Attorney General’s full answer to question on Sir Peter Hayman (The Times)
20th March 1981: Ex-diplomat was not blackmailed or pressurized, solicitor says (The Times)
20th March 1981: Sir Peter and Mr Henderson (The Times)
21st March 1981: The double life of Sir Peter Hayman (The Times)
22nd March 1981: Child sex ring goes back into business (News of the World)
22nd March 1981: Filth behind a box number (News of the World)
22nd March 1981: This dreadful web of child corruption (News of the World)
22nd March 1981: Conspiracy, morals and lynch law (The Observer)
22nd March 1981: John Junor – Current Events (Sunday Express)
22nd March 1981: How PIE gets a cut of public money (Sunday People)
22nd March 1981: Scandalous: The cover-up in high places (Sunday People)
22nd March 1981: Top people escape child porn scandal (Sunday People)
23rd March 1981: Child sex sect gets new boss (Daily Mirror)
24th March 1981: MP ‘ready for gaol’ to protect source (The Guardian)
24th March 1981: Hayman MP defiant over source (The Times)
25th March 1981: Paedophile ban call (The Guardian)
26th March 1981: The questions unanswered in the Hayman case (The Times)
29th March 1981: MP’s fury at child porn for patients (News of the World)
7th April 1981: Havers denies special treatment for Hayman (The Guardian)
7th April 1981: Why Sir Peter Hayman was not named (The Times)
9th April: Letter regarding mental health charity MIND’s links with PIE (The Times)
20th April 1981: Village split as Sir Peter returns (Sunday Express)
25th July 1981: Teacher’s sex case ‘tragedy’ (Daily Mail)
25th July 1981: Teacher convicted of sex offences ‘can still teach’ (The Guardian)
20th September 1981: Classroom corrupters (News of the World)
20th December 1981: Vice link-up of the child sex beasts (News of the World)
20th March 1982: Clifford Hindley retires (Community Care)
18th July 1982: Police killer in sex spy probe (News of the World)
21st July 1982: Computer men to probe spy ‘leak’ (Daily Mail)
21st July 1982: Thatcher’s guarded security statement (The Times)
23rd July 1982: Tom O’Carroll released after 16 months in jail (Capital Gay)
15th August 1982: Child-sex boss in Whitehall shock (News of the World)
21st August 1982: Child sex spy tells all (Daily Star)
21st August 1982: Secrets of the PIE men (Daily Star)
23rd August 1982: Ban the PIE men (Daily Star)
3rd September 1982: College principal tells how he spied on PIE (The Guardian)
24th September 1982: Letter – A lust too gross to allow (The Guardian)
12th November 1982: Prime had links with child sex group (Daily Mail)
16th November 1982: MPs continue to press for debate on Prime affair (The Guardian)
27th November 1982: Another mystery death (Daily Express)
16th December 1982: MPs foiled on Prime debate (Daily Mail)
1982: PIE member Geoffrey Prime complains to the Press Council about the News of the World’s allegations (Press Council)
1982/1983: Sir Michael Havers complains to the Press Council about the Sun’s Geoffrey Prime allegations (Press Council)
1983: Interview with Steven Smith and Peter Bremner (BBC)
9th January 1983: Scare over sex-club spy (News of the World)
16th January 1983: Five get a rocket over Prime spy files (News of the World)
6th February 1983: PIE men are slammed (News of the World)
27th February 1983: Evil menace to children (Sunday People)
19th June 1983: Twisted lusts of TV stars (News of the World)
22nd June 1983: Scoutmaster quits (Daily Mail)
24th June 1983: Church man in sex row (Daily Mirror)
20th August 1983: Outlaw evil child-sex peddlers (Daily Mail)
22nd August 1983: God help our little children (Daily Express)
22nd August 1983: The Sun and Sir Michael (The Sun)
22nd August 1983: The Sun has to withdraw its allegations about Geoffrey Prime (The Times)
23rd August 1983: Child sex: MP ready to expose famous names (Daily Express)
23rd August 1983: ‘Ban PIE’ call (Daily Telegraph)
23rd August 1983: Dickens’ threat to reveal names (Huddersfield Daily Examiner)
23rd August 1983: Ban child sex cult urges angry MP (The Sun)
23rd August 1983: MP seeks to ban child sex group (The Times)
24th August 1983: Child sex: Yard set to hand over names (Daily Express)
24th August 1983: Sex with children: DPP gets names (Daily Mail)
24th August 1983: No stopping men of evil (Daily Star)
24th August 1983: Why evil group won’t be banned (Daily Star)
24th August 1983: ‘Why the Yard acted on PIE’ (The Standard)
24th August 1983: Telephone caller says he knows one of the men who assaulted boy (The Times)
25th August 1983: Eight top names on my list of shame (Daily Express)
25th August 1983: Sir Peter is unscathed by scandal (Daily Express)
25th August 1983: 15 men named in child sex report (Daily Mail)
25th August 1983: Peril of a child sex club ban (Daily Mirror)
25th August 1983: Brittan wants paedophile report (Daily Telegraph)
25th August 1983: Public figures named in files on sex offenders in Britain (The Globe and Mail, Canada)
25th August 1983: Scotland Yard sends two new reports on PIE to ministers (The Guardian)
25th August 1983: Confessions of the ‘child sex’ men (The Standard)
26th August 1983: The shocking truth about PIE (Daily Express)
26th August 1983: The men who want to make sex with children legal (Daily Mail)
26th August 1983: Yard sends child sex file to DPP (Daily Mirror)
26th August 1983: Kinky child cult wins new recruits (The Sun)
26th August 1983: You scum! (The Sun)
27th August 1983: Ministry in child sex link (Daily Star)
28th August 1983: The nasty nine (News of the World)
28th August 1983: They even snare kids of four (News of the World)
28th August 1983: Child sex and a VIP (Sunday Mirror)
28th August 1983: ‘Curb child sex’ bid (Sunday Mirror)
28th August 1983: Top people shield the child sex VIPs (Sunday People)
28th August 1983: What we exposed and they ignored (Sunday People)
29th August 1983: Law boss pledges war on child sex (Daily Star)
29th August 1983: PIE has right to speak, say gays (The Guardian)
30th August 1983: Public anger after attack on 6-year-old boy – Child-sex group’s leaders step out of the shadows (The Canberra Times)
30th August 1983: MPs named in child sex smear bid (Daily Mail)
30th August 1983: Envoys in child sex quiz (Daily Star)
31st August 1983: Brittan studies child-sex report (Daily Express)
31st August 1983: Child sex report studied (Daily Telegraph)
31st August 1983: Government ‘apathy’ on PIE criticized (The Times)
1st September 1983: The men of evil (Daily Star)
2nd September 1983: Child sex fiends face new purge – but Brittan goes one step at a time (Daily Express)
2nd September 1983: A whimper from Brittan (Daily Express)
2nd September 1983: Child abuse: Brittan orders police review (Daily Mail)
2nd September 1983: PIE’s views defended (Daily Mail)
2nd September 1983: Brittan is ready to tame the perverts (Daily Star)
2nd September 1983: PIE links with rights group (Daily Star)
2nd September 1983: Brittan seeks expertise on child assault cases (The Guardian)
2nd September 1983: Minister condemns paedophile views (The Times)
3rd September 1983: MPs on ‘child sex mailing list’ (Daily Express)
4th September 1983: PIE account closed (The Observer)
5th September 1983: Child-sex purge ‘scares top men’ (Daily Express)
9th September 1983: Child sex men charged (Daily Mirror)
10th September 1983: ‘Bastards’ fury at a child sex court case (Daily Mirror)
10th September 1983: 3 charged with sex offences (The Guardian)
30th September 1983: CHE steps up support for PIE (Capital Gay)
3rd November 1983: Police guarding home of Tory MP (The Guardian)
4th November 1983: Stalls are down on PIE (Islington Gazette)
24th November 1983: MP alleges paedophilia at palace (The Times)
25th November 1983: Two year cover-up on dirty pictures (Daily Express)
25th November 1983: Palace link in child sex scandal (Daily Express)
25th November 1983: Vice ring at the palace, says MP (Daily Mail)
2nd December 1983: Sex crusade Tory MP’s office raided (Daily Mail)
9th December 1983: Home Office orders police visit (Capital Gay)
16th December 1983: PIE-probe police visit another activist (Capital Gay)
15th January 1984: Row over Palace vice ‘cover-up’ (News of the World)
19th January 1984: MP hands over shock report on child sex (Daily Mirror)
19th January: Dickens’ Dossier (Huddersfield Daily Examiner)
20th January 1984: TV chief is named in child sex probe (Daily Express)
25th March 1984: Evil secret of a Scots address (Sunday Mail)
15th June 1984: ‘Child sex link’ man sues for £20,000 (Capital Gay)
28th June 1984: Resistance at top – MP (The Guardian)
28th June 1984: Bill to curb sexual abuse of children (The Times)
24th August 1984: Two years’ jail for paedophile (The Times)
16th September 1984: Child sex trial man flees (The People)
18th September 1984: Catch the PIE man! (Daily Star)
17th October 1984: PIE man: legal move (The Guardian)
19th October 1984: Paedophile group disbands (Capital Gay)
19th October 1984: PIE extradition (The Times)
November 1984: Guilty men who back child sex (Daily Star)
7th November 1984: Master spy head ‘traps men in child sex group (Daily Express)
7th November 1984: Child sex ring’s ‘Home Office link’ (Evening Standard)
7th November 1984: Leader of child sex group misses trial (The Guardian)
8th November 1984: Home Office phone link alleged in child sex case (The Guardian)
14th November 1984: Paedophile leaders cleared of child sex offence incitement (The Guardian)
14th November 1984: Fury over verdicts on child sex trio (Daily Express)
14th November 1984: Child sex boss escapes trial (Daily Mirror)
14th November 1984: Paedophile chiefs are cleared of main charges (Daily Telegraph)
14th November 1984: Jail fear of child sex men (Evening Standard)
14th November 1984: Child-sex pair cleared as MP slams law (The Sun)
15th November 1984: All-male jury is rapped (Daily Express)
15th November 1984: Child-sex men fear jail revenge (Daily Express)
15th November 1984: Child sex men face jail fury (Daily Mirror)
15th November 1984: ‘Tough time’ ahead in jail for paedophile chiefs (Daily Telegraph)
15th November 1984: Leaders of paedophile group are sent to jail (The Times)
17th November 1984: PIE man on child porn charges (The Guardian)
19th November 1984: Child sex group ‘has folded’ (The Guardian)
25th November 1984: Dutch delay decision on Briton’s extradition (Daily Telegraph)
28th November 1984: PIE extradition ruling delayed by Dutch (The Times)
5th December 1984: Alan Rusbridger’s diary (The Guardian)
January 1985: Extradition move on child sex man dropped (Daily Telegraph)
7th July 1985: Evil PIE boss in a child care scandal (News of the World)
29th December 1987: Porn group tries to link up with child charity (The Sunday Times)
25th January 1990: Two face child porn charges (Islington Gazette)
1st August 1990: ‘Snuff’ video outrage…but nothing stops the monsters (Daily Star)
16th December 1991: Child porn man who fled is jailed seven years later (Evening Standard)
17th December 1991: Pervert jailed (Daily Mirror)
23rd April 1992: ‘Wicked’ doctor took dirty pictures of young boys (Islington Gazette)
17th September 1992: Child care expert fined over photos of naked boys (The Independent)
6th May 1993: Country house hideaway of disgraced care chief (Evening Standard)
21st February 1994: Parents call for public inquiry over sex abuse skipper (Press Association)
24th February 1994: An abuse of trust (Daily Mail)
3rd March 1994: Social work team claims to have found nationwide paedophile ring (Care Weekly)
27th May 1994: Silence that cloaked child sex conspiracy (Evening Standard)
1st June 1994: Shadow of the attic (The Guardian)
9th September 1994: Police arrest child care chief (Daily Mail)
10th November 1994: Lecturer held (The Independent)
9th March 1997: These men are the child sex abusers (The Observer)
6th July 1997: Paedophile list set up by gay rights leader (The Sunday Times)
2nd June 1998: The epidemic in our midst that went unnoticed (The Guardian)
8th October 2000: Home truths (The Independent on Sunday)
28th October 2000: The web of pure evil (Daily Mail)
9th September 2001: Inquiry into researcher’s links with paedophiles (Mail on Sunday)
10th September 2001: University investigates PhD student’s internet links with paedophiles (The Scotsman)
15th September 2002: Scandal of pervert on top legal panel (Sunday Express)
10th February 2003: Under cover in suburbia, the master spy living off the state he betrayed (Daily Mail)
17th March 2004: The police child porn expert…exposed as a paedophile (Daily Mirror)
17th March 2004: Child porn ‘expert’ jailed for abusing young girls (The Guardian)
21st December 2006: The porn vault (Daily Mirror)
17th August 2007: ‘I hate him for what he did to my girl. He’s evil’ (Leicester Mercury)
2010/2011: Annual report (Campaign for Homosexual Equality)
19th April 2013: Tom Watson’s letter to Theresa May
25th March 2014: Teachers ‘abused boys at Osborne’s old school’ + second article + third article (The Times)
28th March 2014: Boys punished for telling of abuse by teacher (The Times)
News of the World, 21 September 1975
Dozens of arrests are expected after the Director of Public Prosecutions has acted on a detailed dossier on illegal homosexual activities.
Some of the men involved are celebrated in show business, others are top names in the financial world.
The arrests will come in the wake of a vice trial at the Old Bailey. Five men guilty of indecency offences involving boys will be sentenced tomorrow.
At the core of the case is an amusement arcade called Playland, near Piccadilly Circus in London.
Police have interviewed 152 boys many of them ‘Johnny Go Home’ runaways, whose search for the bright lights ended in enticement and male depravity.
The vast investigation began 18 months ago. It was then that one of the men involved told me he wanted to co-operate with the police because he resented the way ‘some very big names’ were taking advantage of young boys.
The informant and I went to Commander David Helm, head of the West End Central police force.
Watch was kept on Playland. And a network of vice was uncovered.
Pressure was building up yesterday for the closure of Playland and any other arcades where perverts might prowl.
Mr William Molloy, Labour MP for Ealing North said: “The Old Bailey trial points to the need for immediate co-operation between local authorities, the police and the managements of these arcades.”
If this was not given, the arcades must be closed, he said.
The licences of Playland and six other arcades are to be reviewed by Westminster City Council’s licensing sub-committee on Friday.
Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) is a support group that has been set up to listen and document the accounts of those who have suffered or witnessed a variety of horrific abuse whilst in care in Lambeth Children’s Homes. Not all children suffered sexual abuse but to date we now know the victims ran into the hundreds. The destruction didn’t stop there. When you add those who were physically abused and those who suffered mental trauma the numbers become alarming.
Please see: for further information.
SOSA is calling out for survivors of abuse and those that witnessed abuse whilst in the care of Lambeth from 1950-2003 to come forward and speak to them in confidence. They are looking to trace children from South Vale, Angell Road, Highland Road, Nottingham Road, The Den and Chevington.

The song “Don’t Touch It. It’s Mine” is available to buy from iTunes (Link: iTunes Search: EtherMia). All proceeds go towards SOSA and their fight for justice.

The Sun, 16 May 1986 p.11
A judge slammed the scandal of ‘rentboy’ vice rings in London’s West End yesterday as he jailed a gay social worker for four years.
Judge John Hazan QC, said at the Old Bailey: ‘This evil trade must stop.
“One can only hope that the realisation by punters of the dangers of sexual transmission of diseases such as AIDS will give them cause for thought.”
His attack came after Abraham Jacob, 45, was convicted of living off the earnings of teenaged male prostitutes.
The judge told him: “You must learn that young men are not pieces of meat on display on a rack to be sold like merchandise in the market.”
Jacob who cared for the elderly was found guilty by [  ] majority after the jury retired for 14 hours.
The court heard that Jacob, a senior care officer with London’s Islington council worked a gay vice ring called ‘The Meat Rack’ in Piccadilly Circus.
Runaway boys were displayed in Wimpy bar windows for clients to select for sex.
The judge told Jacob: “You are a menace to young men. They are human beings entitled to be treated with dignity.” The judge also praised the police for mounting ‘Operation Circus’ to smash the rings.
Comment from Peter McKelvie:
“I am perplexed by the complete wall of silence in the media following the publication of this story.
This is a major breakthrough but has gone unnoticed it seems.
This is the first time I have read in the media of “evidence” of a link between Leon Brittan and PIE.
I have seen the anonymous letter sent regarding Harding and his connections.
I am also aware of the sources who had first hand acquaintance with Harding and the visitors to his shop in Islington and they are totally credible
The allegations that these visitors included Brittan, Smith and Thorpe, plus the high profile members of PIE who had gone public at the time, are very credible
The reason for a return to a conspiracy of silence by the media does not bode well for survivors of abuse by very powerful networks”
Clockmaker Keith Harding played vital role in Britain’s biggest child sex ring
by James Fielding
Sunday Express, 10th May 2015
 The pervert met regularly with MPs Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith at his world-renowned workshop.
The former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe would also drop by along with key members of the vile Paedophile Information Exchange Steven Adrian Smith and Tom O’Carroll.
A PIE list seized in 1984 records Harding, who died from cancer last year aged 82, as member 329 and his address as Hornsey Road, Holloway, north London.
He is understood to have kept hidden a list of more than 1,000 PIE members with prominent names including top politicians from the Thatcher era.
One of his staff, who worked for him between 1980 and 1987, said: “Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith were both regular visitors to the shop.Usually they would come in via the side door, other times they would ring the bell at the front entrance and come in.“They’d straight away ask for Keith who would be coming down the stairs. “Then they would then either go up to his office for a private meeting or they’d go out for several hours.”
The former worker added: “The shop had many high profile customers, including the Royals, because we were one of the few antique dealers in the world that specialised in restoring clocks, music boxes and automatons.
“It’s only now, with what I know about Brittan and Smith, and of course Keith, that has made me wonder what they were doing. Jeremy Thorpe too was an occasional visitor.”
Harding was given the Freedom of the City of London and made a member of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers.He moved to Gloucester in 1987 after PIE disbanded, setting up Keith Harding’s World of Mechanical Music, a museum in Northleach, near Cheltenham.He was exposed as a member of PIE last November when footage emerged of him appearing alongside Jimmy Savile on a Christmas special of Jim’ll Fix It. It later transpired that he had been convicted of indecent assault against four children aged eight and nine in 1958 when he was a teacher.
He apparently confessed to a friend he had the list of names kept in a safe.
Harding’s civil partner John Ferris, who now runs the museum, said yesterday: “I know nothing of any list. The safe is empty now. Keith never disclosed much about his life in London. I only met him in 1994 and I never knew he was a part of the Paedophile Information Exchange.”
Keith Harding

The Australian, 31st January 2015
by Jaquelin Magnay

EVERY Saturday in the school holidays two English brothers, Kevin and Martin Allen, would make their way to Canberra House, just down from the Australia House embassy on London’s Strand to wash the cars of the Australian high commissioner’s fleet.
For five quid each the teenagers would wash and polish, and occasionally squirt each other with a blast of the hose. Kevin Allen remembers how Martin, 18 months his junior, would often break out of his quiet shell and spontaneously grin as they removed the grime of London’s streets from the specially imported Ford Fairlanes in the underground basement.
Those memories are particularly poignant because 35 years ago, on Guy Fawkes night in 1979, Martin Allen vanished without trace. The 15-year-old was last seen at Kings Cross tube station en route to visit his older brother Bob, who had a new baby.
The mystery of what happened to Martin, the son of the Australian high commissioner’s head chauffeur, Tom Allen, has been reignited in recent months after a man, identified only as Nick, says he was the victim of a VIP pedophile ring that included high-ranking politicians, business leaders, intelligence agents and even a royal connection. Nick has linked this pedophile ring directly to the murders of three boys.
Kevin Allen, and the London Metropolitan police, believe Nick’s account that Martin may have been one of three boys killed in the late 1970s and early 80s. One boy is claimed to have been strangled by a sitting Conservative MP; another boy was murdered at an orgy at which a Conservative MP was present; and another abuser struck a boy aged about 10 with his car as a way to intimidate other victims.
No bodies have been found.
The police are taking the claims of Nick, now a middle-aged man, so seriously they have launched an appeal for anyone with knowledge to come forward. The murders are linked to the notorious pedophile hangouts in London at the time: in Elm House, Barnes, another in Dolphin Square, Pimlico — just a short walk from Westminster — and a little-publicised address in Kensington.
For Kevin, who was 16 at the time, the fresh link between his brother’s abduction and an Establishment network has raised questions about how Martin was identified and groomed. Kevin believes he may have been targeted by members of the VIP gang, perhaps after being spotted at his house inside the elegant grounds of the Australian high commissioner’s residence, Stoke Lodge in Kensington, or when cleaning the cars at Canberra House.
The police are now reconsidering the long-held view that it was a chance encounter on London’s transport system that led to Martin’s disappearance, presumably at the hands of a pedophile gang involved in trafficking and the production of pornographic videos.
Diplomats, royals, government ministers, business executives and Margaret Thatcher were frequent visitors to Stoke Lodge in the late 1970s when the former Liberal politician Gordon Freeth was the Australian high commissioner. The Allen family lived in the caretaker’s five-bedroom cottage in the grounds, separated from Stoke Lodge by just a few metres across a wrought-iron low-level fence about one metre high.
“It was quite secluded where we were; people didn’t have any reason to come down there unless they lived there, really,’’ Kevin tells Inquirer. The well-heeled jewellery family, the De Beers, were neighbours, so, too, the Showerings, who owned Allied Breweries, and there was an Arab king to the right. The street, Hyde Park Gate, is particularly famed as Sir Winston Churchill lived and died there.
“We would often go into the garden and speak to visitors at Stoke Lodge,” says Kevin. “My mum and I even stood at the fence and chatted to Prince Charles and Princess Diana once when they visited.” Martin took a photograph of Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis when they were leaving one of the receptions at Stoke Lodge.
Tom Allen, had been promoted to head chauffeur in about 1974 and with the position came the privileged address near Hyde Park, not far from the West End. Kevin’s bedroom was at the far end of the cottage, but Martin’s was halfway along the hallway, directly overlooking the ambassadorial residence.
Since November last year, when police started fresh inquiries into the historical abuse of children by the VIP pedophile gang, Kevin has started his own digging.
What has shocked him, apart from what he believes is an apparent disinterest of the police in re-examining Martin’s disappearance, are the staggering links the Australian high commission had to men who would later be revealed as some of the country’s most vile pedophiles.
Kevin says it was standard practice for the high commission to supplement its regular drivers with stand-in and casual drivers from a particular chauffeur firm located just across the Thames.
His research has revealed that this chauffeur firm had, at various times, employed Sidney Cooke, whose gang the “Dirty Dozen’’ would later be convicted and jailed for the torture and murder of three young boys in the 80s. Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur, David Smith, who killed himself last year before standing trial on sex charges, is believed to have had links to the same car company in the late 70s. Cooke and his pedophile cohort are understood to have been some of the drivers who would pick up young care-home boys and rent boys in the expensive cars and deliver them to organised ­orgies in Barnes, Pimlico and ­Kensington.
“All about at the same time as Martin’s disappearance, all of these pedophiles were linked to the (known pedophile) houses and a couple of them worked for the one car company that Australia House used as subbies if they didn’t have enough drivers,’’ says Kevin, blinking back tears.
“Cooke and a few other infamous multi-murdering people worked for this car company.”
Kevin leans back in his chair in the small canteen of his Middlesex workplace and stresses that such a link could be critical.
“It is more than a link,” he insists. “This was a time when kids were sold and traded; there was one gang selling kids to Amsterdam. These guys were trafficking kids, someone wanted something specific and they found it and if they didn’t fit bill at the end of the day, they abused them and disposed of them.’’
Kevin said Martin could easily have been spotted by one of the stand-in drivers while they were washing the high commissioner’s fleet of cars or outside Stoke Lodge and noted his brother’s quiet ­nature and young appearance.
“Just thinking about it …’’ Kevin trails off and shakes his head.
Cooke, known as Hissing Sid, would lure young boys from fairgrounds to be gang raped. Police are continuing to look into any links he or his associates may have had with the VIP pedophile network.
Cooke, now serving two life sentences, was certainly in the frame at the very beginning of the police investigation into Martin’s disappearance because they asked Kevin if the boys had been to any fairgrounds.
One now-retired lead detective believes Cooke is behind the disappearance of at least 17 boys and the Dutch police believe he was involved in trafficking young boys for the lucrative young boy trade in Europe.
Kevin says his instinct has ­always been that Martin was the victim of someone in authority.
“The detective in charge sat in our house one Sunday lunchtime and asked me, ‘What do you think happened, Kev?’. I told him I thought Martin had been taken by a higher or elite person and he sat there, pointed his finger at me and said, ‘You shouldn’t be saying things like that, you could get hurt’.” Kevin still remembers how ­rattled he was at the response. “At 17 you don’t expect that,’’ he says. “I wasn’t wrong, was I? Thirty-five years down the line and now it is front page.’’
For more than 30 years, the activities of this incredibly well-connected pedophile network was apparently protected from scrutiny through the issuing of government D-notices, which prevent media publication of anything deemed to affect national security. It is believed this stymied police ­investigations. Hundreds of files relating to the disclosures and evidence about the VIP pedophile ring have since gone missing. Kevin says the files relating to Martin’s disappearance have been destroyed twice.
Only now, under parliamentary privilege, some politicians are speaking about the network to which, incredibly, some serving politicians are linked.
One serving Labour peer is under investigation for sexually assaulting young boys in the 70s. Last week, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, who was publicly accused of covering up investigations of the pedophile network in the 1980s after being handed an explosive dossier from a fellow politician, died of cancer. Within days of his death evidence emerged that Brittan had been photographed attending a rent boy orgy back in 1986.
London’s Sunday Mirror has reported the young boys were picked up at Kings Cross and dropped off at a north London building to be repeatedly raped, but the day before the planned arrests of Brittan and 16 high-profile figures who had been observed entering the under-age sex den, including another politician, the late Cyril Smith, and some judges, the 1986 investigation was inexplicably disbanded.
One of the boys abused told police before Brittan died that the politician was “nasty, cruel, sadistic and hateful’’. Brittan’s name also appears on lists of visitors to the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, southwest London. This was an Edwardian house where well-connected political figures would exploit and abuse orphans from nearby Richmond in the 70s and 80s. It is alleged the partygoers would select boys for the “party’’ from pictorial records of the various care homes.
Police started looking at the possibility of Martin’s abduction and abuse at Elm Guest House soon after he went missing, and it intensified when another boy, Vishal Mehrotra, 8, the son of a magistrate, disappeared less than 3km from Barnes on the night of the 1981 royal wedding. Mehrotra’s body was found a year later, but his murder is still unsolved.
Last year, Home Secretary Theresa May announced a public inquiry into all of the allegations of cover-ups surrounding historic child sexual abuse. Yet there is still no inquiry head after the first two chairmen were revealed to have family and friendship links to some of the people under investigation. Meanwhile, public confidence in the political system to investigate its own has nose-dived.
Scotland Yard would not comment on its investigations. “Detectives from the Child Abuse Investigation Command are working closely with colleagues from the Homicide and Major Crime Command under the name of Operation Midland,’’ a statement from Scotland Yard says.
For Kevin and the extended Allen family, the heartache, now in its fourth decade, continues without resolution.
Martin Allen in 1979, the year he vanished
Martin Allen in 1979, the year he vanished
Kevin and Martin Allen at Tuffnell Park primary school.
Kevin and Martin Allen at Tuffnell Park primary school.
Chauffeurs for the Australian high commission in London in the 1970s, including the boys’ father, Thomas Allen, fourth from left, who has since died.
Chauffeurs for the Australian high commission in London in the 1970s, including the boys’ father, Thomas Allen, fourth from left, who has since died.
Stoke Lodge, the Australian high commissioner’s residence in London. The Allen family lived in a cottage in the grounds.
Stoke Lodge, the Australian high commissioner’s residence in London. The Allen family lived in a cottage in the grounds.
Kevin Allen in London
Kevin Allen in London
Napier is an evil,calculating, manipulative paedophile
The charges he was found guilty on today were the tip of the iceberg for the scale of abuse he carried out over 40 years
After been found guilty of abuse as early as 1972, Napier was placed on List 99 with the Department of Education and so should not have been allowed to teach again
However Peter Righton, an equally devious and prolific abuser, intervened
As Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work, Righton had become a prestigious and respected social work professional.
( The National Institute for Social Work – NISW – was a provider of services aimed at achieving excellence in practice and management in social work and social care in the UK and past employees include Sir Peter Barclay – Author with Righton of the Barclay Report – Sir Williiam Utting – Author of the Utting Report – Daphne Statham – Director – Dame Denise Platt – Chair of the Commission for Social Care Inspection – Barbara Hearn OBE Panel member on Independent Inquiry 2014 )
Righton on headed NISW paper wrote to the Department of Education claiming he was a counsellor of convicted paedophiles ( in reality they were his close knit PIE friends ) and that he had counselled Napier to the point he was no longer a risk to children and could return to teaching.
He added in his letter to the D of Ed that to be doubly certain he ( Righton ) had sought a second opinion from a well known child psychiatrist who concurred with his expert opinion
The psychiatrist in question was Dr.Morris Fraser, another convicted paedophile and PIE member who wrote a supporting report on Great Ormond St headed note paper
This allowed Napier to embark on a new teaching career abroad employed by the British Council, founded by the UK Government in 1934
He was able ( by his own admission in a number of letters to Righton over many years ) to abuse countless number of boys in Sweden and Egypt over many years in the late 70’s through the 80’s until 1992 when the arrest of Righton and the discovery of these letters led to his ( Napier’s) immediate dismissal
Napier and Righton ” shared ” a large number of victims, and offences,including rape, during the 80’s but never faced charges on any of the most serious cases of abuse
Many questions remain unanswered including who were Napier’s referees for his employment with the British Council
Why was Righton allowed to reach the very top of the social work profession ( with posts at NISW and the National Children’s Bureau as stepping stones to positions as a Home Office/ Government “expert” on major reports ) despite being caught red handed abusing boys on a large scale in the 1950’s and writing quite openly in NISW and NCB journals, articles etc from 1971 onwards about his views that adult and child sexual relationships were not necessarily harmful
In 1993 I spoke to 3 victims who refused to give evidence
One told me very convincingly that Napier took him to parties ” where he was introduced to the rich and famous ” and that Righton was involved in all these activities as well
In court today Napier’ s Counsel stated that Napier was now full of remorse
I don’t believe he has shown one iota of remorse in an adulthood dedicated to the ruthless pursuit of vulnerable children purely to abuse sexually
As a true test of his new found “remorse ” he can now share with the Police all the names of the ” rich and famous ” who attended the parties his victims referred to
As Treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange in its peak period of membership in the mid 70’s Napier holds the key to the identity of hundreds of dangerous abusers who continued to abuse thousands of children over many decades
He can now pass all this information to the Police as testament to his newly found regret and remorse
[1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8
No: 95/5861/Z4
Royal Courts of Justice
London WC2
Friday 8th December 1995
Before: Lord Justice Russell Mr Justice Rougier and His Honour Judge Rhys Davies QC (Sitting as a Judge of the Court of Appeal)
Charles Scott Napier
MISS Z SMITH appeared on behalf of the Appellant
MR B KELLY appeared on behalf of the Crown
(Computer Aided Transcript of the Stenograph Notes of John Larking, Chancery House, Chancery Lane, London WC2 Telephone No: 071 404 7464 Official Shorthand Writers to the Court)
(As Approved by the Court)
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 2
Friday 8th December 1995
MR JUSTICE ROUGIER: On 14th August 1995 at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court, the applicant was convicted on two counts of indecent assault upon a male person, and was sentenced to 9 months’ imprisonment concurrent on each.
His application for leave to appeal against that conviction has been referred to the Full Court by the learned Single Judge.
The principal ground of proposed appeal centres around a television programme which was made on the subject of paedophiles in general, and a man called Righton in particular, sometime before the trial of the applicant. It is necessary to set out the dates in some detail. At some stage, we are not told exactly when, but it is in all probability in 1994, the police raided the house of Righton, and they discovered a whole lot of photographs of naked boys, together with letters written by the applicant, which indicated that he too shared Righton’s proclivities and therefore he came under suspicion. At about the same time a documentary was being made by the BBC on the subject of Righton and child abuse, called “Children at Risk”.
The complainant in the applicant’s case, whom we shall refer to as D, made a statement under the Criminal Justice Act implicating the applicant in March 1994. The film was shown on relatively prime time at 8.00 p.m. on 1st June 1994, but it was not until 10th January 1995 that the applicant was arrested and, as already stated, his trial took place in August.
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 3
By the first two grounds of proposed appeal the complaint is made, baldly, that in the light of that television film a fair trial was not possible, it had been gravely prejudiced, and that the learned judge was wrong in failing to stay the proceedings on the grounds that publicity had rendered a fair trial impossible, all the more so because the prosecution, in the form of the police, had assisted in the adverse publicity. That reference was to the fact that while the film was being made and researches were being done, the Hereford, Worcester and West Midlands police co-operated by passing relevant information to the maker of the film.
In relation to that the learned judge was faced with a problem of some difficulty. There undoubtedly had been a film which had identified the applicant on three occasions. This Court has had the benefit of seeing the relevant extracts. They occupy approximately 9 minutes in all, in a transmission totalling some 55 minutes and undoubtedly the applicant is portrayed as a paedophile. He is indeed referred to as somebody who had been convicted of a paedophilic offence, if there is such a word, which was quite true. There also were photographs of him in the company of young boys in Sweden and there are some extracts from letters which he had written to Righton, describing with almost gloating pederasty the physical appearance and availability of young boys either under his charge or within his influence.
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 4
The learned judge, in a very careful ruling, marshalled the pros and cons, and having referred to the relevant authorities he noted that the prosecution were not seeking, as part of their case, to adduce evidence concerning the applicant’s involvement in paedophile organisations, it having been alleged in the transmission that at some time he was the treasurer of something called the Paedophile Information Exchange. He noted, as we too have been able to note, that D did not appear on the television programme, he was not named and he made no specific allegation of indecent assault against the applicant. The learned judge correctly squared up to the problem in these words:
“The question I have to resolve is whether there is a real prospect that one or more jurors may have seen and remembered the television programme so far as it relates to the defendant and if so whether, in those circumstances, the defendant could possibly receive a fair trial.”
He noted that it was unsatisfactory that publicity adverse to the defendant was made at a time when there were reasonable grounds to believe that a prosecution was pending or contemplated but that, as my Lord has pointed out, is a disciplinary matter and had nothing to do with the problem which the learned judge had to resolve. He went on to say this:
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 5
“I have to bear in mind also that the television programme and reports took place some fourteen months ago. I have to consider the likelihood of whether they were seen or remembered by members of the jury and I also have to consider what safeguards or precautions might usefully be taken in respect of the jury.
At the end of the day I have come to the conclusion that, provided jurors confirm that they neither have any knowledge of this defendant nor any other prosecution witness and provided they are given an appropriate warning in the summing-up in accordance with the state of the evidence as it develops to the effect that they must consider only the evidence heard in Court and nothing extraneous should be taken into consideration, then in my view a fair trial of this defendant is possible and it follows that I am therefore not persuaded, as matters stand, that he cannot have a fair trial…”
He thereupon rejected the submission.
As a matter of later history, it should be said that no possible criticism could be or has been made as to the way in which the learned judge dealt with the matter in his summing-up.
It is a strongly held, which has been the subject of a good deal of research notably from the Legal Faculty of Sheffield University, that the capacity for retaining material either heard on the wireless or seen on the television, on the part of the avid viewer, is remarkably short. The jury were asked the appropriate questions and all denied any recollection or knowledge of the matters which had so worried Miss Smith, acting for the applicant. They were duly empannelled.
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 6
We think that it is very difficult to see that the learned judge could have done other than he did, and we cannot see that any possible criticism can be levelled at the decision to which he came.
There is no conceivable suspicion that he failed to take into account all the relevant matters and, in particular, possibly the most telling feature supporting his decision was the fact that the transmission had taken place no fewer than 14 months before the trial. If it is to be said that whenever, during a subject of great public concern, an investigative team of journalists of one sort or another do make public matters which certainly indicate that serious crimes have been committed, that they are thereby insulating the perpetrators of those crimes from prosecution, that is not something with which this Court can possibly agree. Accordingly we find there is no substance in those first two grounds.
The third ground is really an adjunct of the first two, because after the complainant had completed his evidence, it was noted that there had been a number of occasions when he had been referred to as being interviewed by a television producer and it is feared that that might have reminded any member of the jury who had seen the programme and had forgotten about it about the adverse publicity. By the same token, we are of the view that it is extremely unlikely that this would have had any effect, and the learned judge cannot be criticised at that stage for thinking that the trial could still be conducted fairly and that any possible prejudice could be cured by an accurate summing-up.
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 7
Finally, Miss Smith relies on part of a letter which was written by the defendant to a friend of his called Bloomfield when these matters were being investigated. There is a reference to ‘witch hunting’ in the letter and an Evening Standard article. It is complained that by reason of the fact that the learned judge allowed that letter to be exhibited, the defendant had been effectively precluded from giving evidence in his own defence because he would have to explain what the witch hunt was all about and thereby again remind the jury of the previous highly adverse television programme.
The prosecution in seeking to adduce that part of the letter submitted to the learned judge that it was capable of being an admission relating to the very crimes which were alleged in the case, and the learned judge took the view that it was entirely a matter for the jury to consider whether it did amount to some sort of admission or whether, on the other hand, they took the view that it did not, in which case they would disregard it. In our judgment, he was perfectly correct in that ruling, and since the prosecution had already announced that they did not intend to rely on any of this applicant’s paedophile associations as part of their case, the fear that he would have to explain what was meant by “witch hunt” seems to us more imaginary than real.
Transcript [1995] EWCA Crim J1208-8 8
In those circumstances we think that the learned judge’s ruling was perfectly correct. There is no merit in this application and it must be refused.

The Times, 2nd September 1995
A FORMER British Council worker, who sexually abused boys at his home, was sent to prison for nine months yesterday. Charles Napier, 48, was a treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange and had convictions for child abuse as far back as 1972, Kingston Crown Court was told.
Napier found a job with the British Council in Cairo after being banned from teaching jobs in British schools after a conviction for indecent assault. He was sacked when British Council officials discovered the offences.
He admitted in a pre-sentence report that he was still sexually attracted to boys, and had also expressed continuing sexual feelings for children in a recent letter, the jury was told.
During the two-week trial, the jurors heard that Napier, who had denied two charges of indecent assault between 1982 and 1985, had lured young boys back to his home in Thames Ditton, Surrey, with promises of boat trips and computer games.
One victim, now 25, said Napier had befriended him when he played truant and had later lured him into his bed before sexually assaulting him. Napier had also been given probation as far back as 1972 after being found guilty of similar offences against young children.
Judge Geoffrey Mercer said: ”When these matters eventually came to light it led to the loss of your job abroad.” Information showed that Napier was a continuing threat to children. ”It clearly shows the continuing sexual attraction towards boys and it is clear from the pre-sentence report you do not deny that.” He would have passed a ”considerably greater” sentence had it not been for the fact that the offences had been committed before the maximum sentence had been increased to ten years.
Napier, who has been living abroad, was also ordered to pay Pounds 1,000 costs.
Daily Mail, 1st June 1994
A STAFF member of the British Council has been named as a key suspect by police investigating a nationwide paedophile network.
Charles Napier was in hiding last night after being suspended from his post as assistant manager of the council’s centre in the Egyptian capital Cairo.
Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad, which believes up to 11 people are involved in the network, is also probing allegations that diplomatic bags were used to smuggle child pornography into Britain.
The Government-funded council, which promotes Britain’s cultural interests abroad, is holding its own inquiry into how Napier came to be employed despite previous convictions for child sex offences.
A spokesman said he would have been involved mainly with adult students, but could not rule out the possibility that he had worked with children at summer camps.
Napier, half-brother of Lady Thatcher’s former private secretary, Tory MP John Whittingdale, is a one-time treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which has advocated the legalisation of sex with children.
Detectives have uncovered evidence that Napier is linked with former child care expert Peter Righton, who was also a leading PIE member. Righton, exposed in the Daily Mail nearly two years ago, is alleged to have been involved in a child-sex ring which operated at the very heart of Britain’s residential care and education system.
Napier, a former public schoolboy with an English degree, was convicted more than 20 years ago of indecently assaulting pupils while teaching at a school in Surrey. Despite his record, he has three times been able to get posts giving him access to children.
The affair again throws the spotlight on the vetting of those likely to be involved with children

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