Saturday, 1 April 2017


From: Tym R <>
Date: Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 5:45 PM
Subject: Hollie Greig scandal - Aberdeen paedophile sexual abuse expose website shut down
To:, information@childabuseinquiry.
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Why? Someone in the Masonic nonce-ponce-sodomite infested Crown Office or SLAB or Holyrood or the law society's Speculative Society Magic Circle for Latter Day Arse Bandits - or Police Scotland - or Scaberdeen's 'untouchable' Satanist establishment pederast ring that used and abused Hollie Greig for decades - getting worried viz public attention drawn to the TRUTH?

And for those political / hierarchical elitists with 'selective memories' - Hollie is a special needs / Downs Syndrome lady still seeking justice since 2000 / 17 years for the vile sexual crimes visited upon her - and her wrongfully-sectioned Mother - and murdered Uncle Roy - by the decadent lower life form beasts who shame bonny Scotland to the very core of its once-proud and stalwart existence.

Is the Hollie Grieg historical sexual abuse case - read 'scandal' - down on Scotland's Child Abuse Inquiry remit schedule for investigation when it finally gets it foot-dragging act together on the 31st May 2017?

Of course not - a complaint of child sexual abuse filed by Anne Greig at Aberdeen Central Police Station against named persons responsible for the serial rape of her daughter Hollie in the year of our Lord 2000 is considered just too far back in time to be realistically investigated.

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